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Turkey and Egypt: The Battle to Control Dissent Pitches Fans against Autocrats

  • RIA Novosti

    Leaked Interior Ministry Memos Highlight Differences within Egypt’s Regime

  • Photo illustration by John Lyman

    Egyptian Soccer Fans Set Stage for Growing Anti-Government Protests

  • Shaun Venish

    The Evolution of Turmoil in the Middle East: Western Role

  • Samer Abdallah

    Recognizing Fan Power, Egypt’s Regime Boosts Calls for Security Sector Reform

  • Mohamed Azazy

    Conviction of Egyptian Soccer Fans Slams Door on Potential Political Dialogue

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    Mired in Problems: Egypt’s President Reaches out to Ultras

  • Saudi Arabia

    The Taboo of Atheism in Egypt

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    Don’t blaspheme in Egypt

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    Fearful of Protests, Egypt Keeps Stadia Closed

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    Sisi’s Failed Attempt to be Mubarak

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    Egypt throws the Dice with Partial Lifting of Stadia Ban

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    Egypt Has a Water Problem

  • Aris Messinis/AFP

    Rethinking the War on ISIS

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    Hisham Barakat: The Dilemma of Justice in Egypt

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    Sisi: His Throne is in Peril

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    Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’: A Rare Success Story

  • Al Jazeera

    Libya Is a Failed State

  • Adamihse/Scanpix

    Q&A with Nawal El Saadawi

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    Libya: Time for International Intervention?

  • Al Jazeera

    Business as Usual in Bahrain

  • United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates: A Rising Military Power

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    Vigils and Vandalism: How Hong Kong’s Graffiti Artists can help us Understand the Protesters

  • Freedom House

    Russia is Further Isolated by Supporting Assad Regime

  • Eric Bridiers

    Expect an Increase in U.S. Activity in the Middle East

  • Xavier Bouchevreau

    Can Qatar Restore Its Foreign Policy Neutrality?

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    The Age of TV Jokers: Arab Media on the Brink

  • Amine Ghrabi

    Democracy Calling, the New Tunisia

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    Fighting for Survival in the Sinai: Egypt’s Convenient War

  • Ramy Raoof

    A New Egypt: When Silence Can Kill

  • Catherine Bebbington

    Decent Respect: Britain’s Vote on Palestine

  • IDF

    When Winning is not the Goal: Why Israel did not Defeat Hamas

  • IDF

    The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in a Broader Context

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    Is Turkey’s Future a Liberal One?

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    Saudi Arabia’s Regional Dual-Strategy

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    What Did the Arab Spring Achieve?

  • Hatem Moussa/AP

    Why a Gaza Ceasefire is so Difficult

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    Netanyahu’s Unwinnable War

  • Abdallah Doma

    Winning the Peace in Libya

  • IDF

    What Role Will Turkey Play in Brokering a Gaza Ceasefire?