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When To Say Yes To $3.7 Billion

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    Russia and Israel’s Middle East Dance

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    The Crisis Of Anti-Zionism

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    Israel’s Security Myth Versus Geopolitical Realties

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    Israel Is Politicized. Tell Me Something New.

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    The Slow Self-Immolation Of A Political Party

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    Playing the Blame Game

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    A Trinity of Trinities for the Palestinians

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    Brussels, Israel, and Airport Security

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    What Does It Mean To Have A Jewish State?

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    Being More Pro-Israel Than Israel

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    How To Lose Friends And Not Influence Anyone

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    Obama’s Disingenuousness on Iran: A Postscript

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    Why the Israeli Government Ignores American Jews

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    Liberal Jews Without Liberal Organizations

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    Israel’s Diplomatic Overture to the UAE

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    Untying the Palestinian Israeli Knot

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    Trump’s Hanukkah Message

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    The Reign of Absurdiocy

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    Is the ‘Dead’ Arab World Really Waiting to be Led by Iran?

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    A Zionism of Excuses

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    The Unilateral Bibi

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    Is Shunning Netanyahu Actually Progressive?

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    Israelis and Palestinians: Arab Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter

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    When Zionists Boycott

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    Haj Al-Husseini and Holocaust Hucksterism

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    Israel Suspends Israeli-Palestinian Encounters on the Pitch

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    Intifada or Intra-Fada – What’s Going on in Israel?

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    Yes. It’s an Intifada

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    Racist Israeli Soccer Fans in the Firing Line

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    Diaspora Jews Are Not Israel’s ATM

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    A Glimmer of Light Through the Clouds

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    Israel’s Fault Lines Spill onto the Soccer Pitch

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    How the Iran Deal May Impact Israel’s Influence

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    An Opportunity in the Iran Nuclear Deal

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    Saudi Arabia and Israel’s Fertile Common Ground

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    The Wedge of Policy: The Iran Nuclear Deal and its Consequences

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    Two-States: A Solution

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    Israel in Action: Spoiling the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

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    The Real Nakba