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Entertainment /26 Jun 2017

The Alt-Right Has a New Hero and it’s Black Panther

King T’Challa, or Black Panther, is one of the few well-received black superhero characters cranked out by Marvel Comics, others including the likes of Luke Cage & Nick Fury (who underwent a dramatic racial shift from white to black). Ruth E. Carter, the African-American costume designer for the 2018 Black Panther film, even specified that her involvement and understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement has dramatically influenced her approach to the movie. What many conservatives will quickly realize upon a closer inspection of Wakandan culture is that the character of T’Challa resembles the socio-political worldview of the alt-right.

Black Panther is not a character whose backstory, morals, or goals will cater to globalists, multiculturalists, or SJWs. Black Pidgeon Speaks, a cultural commentator whose YouTube channel boasts over 200k subscribers, points out several tenants of Black Panther’s character that paints a portrait of T’Challa as a “hero of the alt-right.” Firstly, Black Panther is anti-globalist. Black Panther’s moral coda is steeped in a strong nationalistic conviction that constantly places the wellbeing of his people’s history, culture, and identity over any external attempts at opening up the culture and economy of Wakanda, the fictional African country in the Marvel universe. Wakanda is a hierarchal society that’s intentionally racially homogeneous, and its immigration policy is essentially isolationist. Other cultural influences are not permitted within Wakandan borders, as Black Panther believes them to be harmful to the wellbeing of his people. The Wakandan King enforces these policies through a culturally entrenched military, the Hatut Zerzae (a former secret police force turned mercenary group) & the Dora Milaje (the King’s all-female Praetorian Guard). In this sense, T’Challa expresses strikingly neo-Nazi tendencies.

This is in direct opposition to what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for: diversity, globalism, transgender affirmation & collective value. Instead of diversity, T’Challa ensures that the border of Wakanda is impregnable & that its population remains nearly exclusively Wakandan. Instead of globalism, Wakanda is an isolationist country. The patriarchal monarchy of Wakanda thrives on the backs of traditional family units, with T’Challa himself being a straight male with a positive relationship with his father, who had been married to a woman. Instead of collective values or socialism, the T’Challa goes as far to destroy his country’s main export of vibranium, so that his people would become hard working individuals and not rely on external income. This is Fascism 101: state dominance of the economy.

Secondly, the Kingdom of Wakanda is not a constitutional republic, democracy, or any other form of governmental rule that emerged from the Enlightenment. T’Challa is a militaristic absolute monarch & Wakanda is a nation that has historically thrived as a caesaropapist society; that is, the king rules both as the national religious leader and the commander-in-chief. In Wakanda, there is no separation of Church and State, and T’Challa is the authoritarian ruler of every aspect of Wakandan society.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most characteristically anti-globalist aspect of Wakandan society, is the fact that although Wakanda possesses universal healthcare and a cure for cancer, its government refuses to assist other countries. Wakanda is chiefly concerned with the wellbeing of its own people, foreign plights and would-be immigrants be damned.

Based on these elementary observations, it is abundantly clear that Black Panther is indeed a hero of the alt-right. Personifying a political philosophy often associated with the Dark Enlightenment, Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda exemplifies a nationalist socialist’s utopia. King T’Challa is basically a Fascist autocrat when it comes to ruling his country. Neo-Nazis everywhere are looking forward to seeing their favorite totalitarian, monarchist, nationalist, isolationist, chauvinist & racially homogeneous kingdom and superhero hit the big screen in 2018.