New American Culture Run Amok

Thomas Hawk
Culture + Religion /18 Oct 2017

New American Culture Run Amok

We all hit a breaking point. For me it was a report this week that over 200 members of the ACLU began complaining about its rigid stance in support of freedom of speech. The ACLU exists to insure individual rights and liberties are not destroyed by government regulation or restrictive laws. I would think that any intentional action on the part of the members of the ACLU to surrender even an inch of freedom of speech should be met with immediate dismissal of said member. Yet this is where we are!

This is coming off a week where we experienced yet another horrific massacre. Internet experts jumped all over that terrible incident. Not willing nor humble enough to let people mourn, fringe elements and power brokers rushed to politicize the event. The experts on the right were ready to blame ISIS or Al Qaeda. The experts on the left knew the exact reason. Guns, guns, guns. So ready to blame the NRA, gun owners, Republicans and Trump, opinion and headline drivers rushed to judgement. Both sides embracing the adage never let a good crisis go to waste- parasites and bloodsuckers!

In the aftermath of Las Vegas, we were treated to the most unified efforts to date to cast white males as the ultimate evil infecting the land. Soapbox preaching from late night (white) comedians, without a hint of irony, condemned white men as the reason this happened. The Independent (UK) stated that all masculinity was toxic.

If we didn’t get blasted with enough, the current headlines scream of a powerful Hollywood mogul and major fundraiser for democrats, being accused of multiple accounts of sexual harassment. Given the proclivities of Hollywood, casting couches, rape, pedophilia, drug addiction, exploitation and even its own type of segregation, what surprises me is that: It was revealed at all, especially given that it was the New York Times (a paper that just ran a story about how communism has benefited women). And two, the amount of silence coming from Hollywood. Had the person in question been a republican there would be a crowd of stars with pitchforks and torches ready to condemn him immediately. But since he supports the right causes, and to the right people, silence. Remember, this same crowd rushed to work with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

It was about a year ago when news broke that candidate Trump liked to “Grab ’em by the pussy.” The country was rightfully shocked, outraged and insulted. Those on the left were among the most vocal of voices opposing his disgusting comments. Yet when it is one of their own, they forgot how to talk.

As I just said, the NY Times, the paper of record, recently ran an article about how well women did in communist China. The most influential paper in America has been subversively pushing for communism. Encouraging people to “get past the name.” That any organization in America, especially its most influential and important newspaper, a paper which has benefited greatly from freedom of the press, freedom of speech and all around freedom of the economy, could advocate a government system that removes freedom, imprisons dissidents, utilizes a secret police force and controls all aspects of life could in anyway support or advocate for that same political/economic structure is beyond asinine It is suicidal and stupid!

To further show how far lost we are, 40% of millennials support restrictions on free speech. Let me repeat this. They support restrictions on free speech. They want to say anything they want (because no one is ever going to self-censor) yet want to control what others (conservatives) say. The excuse of limiting hate speech is the focal point of this desire, however, given the overly sensitive natures and lack of emotional strength in today’s youth, anything they dislike would be condemned as hate, thereby silencing any opposition by hiding behind the wall of hate.

I have always supported the 2nd amendment in an intellectual way however given legitimate threats to restrictions on the 1st amendment, I am beginning to support the 2nd much more passionately. If for no other reason than because those who oppose the 2nd amendment are now advocating violence and death for gun owners.

We are experiencing a cultural movement where our hope for the future, our next generation of leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators, are willing to relinquish their own and our freedoms because they don’t like certain words or ideas. Yes! Many ideas, like racism, hate, sexism, white power, black power, or any other kind of power, is scary and offensive. Yet we need the 1st amendment to get those ideas out into the open so we can oppose them through the free exchange of ideas. Any desire to relinquish freedom is cowardice pure and simple. It is weakness and an insult to those who have fought to protect against what these useful fools would readily welcome!

This is why I am calling out this new American culture. It is going to destroy us. A nation divided cannot survive. This country, this incredible nation, founded on freedom, opportunity, the hope of a better life and equality, is going to self-destruct, and we will be the ones welcoming the destruction.

The sad reality is that we are giving the fringes the power to divide us. The left and the right extremes are the ones that are controlling opinion. The fringe voices are the loudest. They sing songs of hate, destruction and victory at all costs whether on the left or on the right. Same basic words. Optimistically I hope and assume that the majority of the country rejects both sides. Yet at some point, if things continue down this infected road, we will have to make a decision. We will have to choose a side. Like a prisoner, who might not identify with a group yet they are forced to associate with that group for protection. I just equated the middle with being a prisoner. Because the fringe right and left are the powerful gangs. They are the minority but their voices are loudest, filled with hate for anyone who differs in opinion, filled with a destructive desire to destroy their enemy and seize power. We are allowing a great country to be destroyed. We need to take the country back through words, ideas, actions, support and the willingness to fight against both of these destructive forces. We outnumber them. We cannot surrender this fight or our country will be lost.

Our culture has become toxic. We lack a unifying force. Culture has always acted like an invisible hand, guiding our behavior, our values, our customs our hopes and dreams. Yet we have perverted our culture, lost sight of what is important. America, the nation, cannot survive without a unifying culture that passionately opposes both extremes. America was supposed to be the great melting pot. Yet this has become a failed experiment. It has created a fractured culture, divisive dogmas, ideologies and doctrine that expects 100% loyalty. If anyone needs proof of that, look at how anyone was attacked after Trump’s election simply for saying, “Let’s give him a chance.”

Any two people can exist in harmony. I have friends who are far right, far left, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, devout and atheist. We can all live in harmony as one people, unfortunately, when the toxic aspects of culture and ideology get in the way, when tensions rise, we are pulled apart and begin focusing on our differences rather than similarities. We seek to prove our way is right and their way is wrong.

We need to force the change now, or the change will be forced upon us through violence in the future.

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