A Red Lantern in Dark Times

Red Lantern
Business /12 Jan 2018

A Red Lantern in Dark Times

You can’t turn on the news today without watching a sordid scandal of sexual harassment or assault being revealed after having lingered years in the shadows, permanently sidelining the careers and reputations of the perpetrators that we film-goers had once known and loved.

It’s not just cinema that has lost stature in 2018. We are witnessing a truly seismic shift in the age of ‘see something, say something,’ where industry ‘norms,’ be they in politics, business or entertainment, have been checked and the fight for equality has never been more effervescent.

One organization envisions the prospect of romantic liberation through responsible, contractual agreements which can be downloaded from one’s mobile phone and which spell out a legal agreement between 2 (or more) partners engaging in sexual acts in order to safeguard reputations and avoid legal liabilities.

Contracts are a necessity and Red Lantern seeks to mitigate risk and promote education and accountability in 2018.

Red Lantern is so confident in their approach that they plan to leverage the offering in the cryptocurrency space – seeking to raise between $20-30 million in investment capital with a border-eliminating token. Their website offers a barometer of fundraising progress which is openly visible to the public.

CEO Nikolay Zirchyk believes that it is in their hands to create a lasting change. We will have to wait and see if the mission and suite of services that Red Lantern provides is not just embraced, but deemed essential in this brave new world of transparency and consistent calls to action.

“2018 will be a year of unprecedented transparency,” said Zirchyk. “A new relationship can be as much an opportunity as a threat and in the interest of safeguarding one’s reputation and frankly, way of life, the counsel and portfolio Red Lantern provides is not only second to none, it will soon become commonplace. We’re happy to pioneer this pertinent software.”

Time will tell for Red Lantern, but one thing is clear. As the times change, so too will technology be called upon to facilitate supply and to meet non-stop demand.

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