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Safeguarding through Innovation: The BRONCO II Launches in the U.S.

In the contemporary arena of defence and security, technological innovation for the purposes of rapid adaptability is not an afterthought but a necessity; malleable threats simply require tactical solutions. Newly-formed Bronco Combat Systems (BCS) USA seeks not just to innovate but revolutionize the face of aircraft reconnaissance and combat through the development and launch of the exciting BRONCO II.

The original Bronco was aptly named for its advanced mission capabilities. The BRONCO II, which is based on the AHRLAC aircraft (Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft), is a two-crew precision strike aircraft, capable of carrying a wide range of weapons, sensors and systems in extended airborne mission operations. It is a unique platform that is built for a purpose, setting a new standard for mission flexibility and adaptability.

In a recently-published Media Advisory, Paramount Group International Chairman Ivor Ichikowitz stated the following: “This aircraft is a real game-changer for the warfighter. It is unique in that it has been designed specifically as a light attack and ISR platform from the onset. This is not simply an armed variant of a civilian crop-duster or a modified training aircraft. Every inch of this aircraft is designed for purpose – specifically for the kind of asymmetrical warfare that sophisticated military forces are now being asked to conduct. These missions demand rapidly deployable, hybrid ISR and close air support capabilities for which no other platform has been specifically designed.”

AHRLAC, the platform upon which the BRONCO II is based, is already in production using the latest advanced aerospace manufacturing technologies. The fact that the aircraft is 100% digitally designed makes the ability to industrialize the BRONCO II in its totality in the United States a reality. Work has started on establishing a manufacturing base that will enable the full production of the airframe and mission systems integration in the United States.

Ichikowitz went on to say “BRONCO II was designed with the US market in mind; it contains significant American content and we are now excited to be able to commit to bringing full production of the aircraft home to the USA.”

Innovation here is at the forefront – The BRONCO II’s internal Interchangeable Multi-Mission System Bay (IMSB) allows a single airframe to be easily and rapidly re-configured to perform multiple roles, incorporating high-performance targeting sensors, network communication systems, precision weapons, an electronic self-protection suite, and mission planning systems.

The aircraft is a purpose-built, sophisticated airborne F3EA system, or ‘Find/Fix/Finish/Exploit/Analyze,’ able to operate for extended periods in remote theaters with minimal infrastructure and a small logistics and maintenance footprint. The BRONCO II operates at a fraction of the procurement and lifecycle cost of any existing aircraft with similar mission applications and capabilities.

Fulcrum Concepts LLC will lead weapons and system integration for BRONCO II.

In that same Advisory, Fulcrum Concepts Co-Owner and President of Engineering Solutions, Scott Richman said, “BRONCO II is the ultimate solution to the F3EA capability, a truly multi-role aircraft with real-time C4ISR perfectly suited to the kind of light attack requirements we are seeing coming out of the U.S. military forces and a number of other programs in the U.S. market. We are excited by the opportunity to be one of the lead partners in bringing this innovative capability to the United States.”

Dr. Paul Potgieter, the CEO of the Aerospace Development Corporation which designed the aircraft, stated: “This aircraft is a completely clean-sheet, next-generation design, using the latest CATIA and digital design systems specifically for digital production. Even the factory in which this aircraft is currently being produced embraces the innovative principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by emphasizing the use of rapid digital prototyping, laser additive and 3D printing, and a jig-less manufacturing approach.”

Bronco Combat Systems has been established as a US based entity which will bring the aircraft to the US end user. The founding partners are Paramount Group USA, Fulcrum Concepts LLC, and ADC, who designed the AHRLAC platform. Bronco Combat Systems are actively engaging with other domestic U.S. partners to scale the entity in both capability and reach.

“This is a very exciting time for us, our partners and future US customers who will benefit from the rapid fielding of the Bronco II and its unique capabilities. Discussions are underway with highly respected and experienced US suppliers for total supply chain management, mission software, and mission training,” added Ichikowitz.

More information relating to the BRONCO II and the Bronco Combat Systems team will be released in the coming weeks. It is an industry imperative to take note of the BRONCO II developments presently underway and the overarching opportunities it will bring to the table within modern-day defense and security.

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