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World News /02 May 2018

UAE and India Look to Tighten Relations

The UAE and India recently announced a strategic partnership, focusing on their mutual recognition of skill development that complements infrastructure and trade.

India’s Ambassador to the UAE, Navdeep Suri stated: “The partnership will help India better understand the country’s requirements for skill certification for various skilled workers, such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, beauticians and many others.” He added, “India has such a large skill development program. The idea is whether we can align some of our training programs to meet the requirements of the UAE.”

It’s a reason to celebrate for skilled India youth who find it difficult to find employment. The UAE has been the backdrop of many successful rags-to-riches stories. Yet, without skills and necessary certifications, young Indians find it difficult to find employment there.

Last year, the Hurun Report featured many wealthy individuals from India. A lot of them included NRIs from the UAE, including Adani Vinodbhai Shantilal (Adani Group), Azad Moopen (Aster DM Healthcare), Sunny Varkey (Gems Education), BR Shetty (NMC), Ravi Pillai (RP Group), Feroz Allana (IFFCO), Divyank Turakhia (Media.Net), Tony Jashanmal (Jashanmal), Saket Burman (Dabur), Rizwan Sajan (Danube) and Ramesh S Ramakrishnan (Transworld), and Shamsheer Vayalil (VPS Healthcare).

The long list of these business tycoons shows why the UAE is the 9th largest beneficiary of foreign direct investments (FDI). In fact, the infrastructure and trading projects in the UAE have seen a boost, thanks to companies like Reliance Industries, Adani Group, and Larsen & Toubro. Recent developments reveal that the Adani Group has diversified its operations in the UAE under Director Vinod Adani.

Co-operation between India and the UAE will progress successfully if both countries keep a balanced approach towards major projects in the future. It is imperative that both learn to compensate for each other’s weaknesses if they wish the partnership to be fruitful.

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