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Kazakhstan Setting a Global Precedent in Defense and Security Industry Focus

Keeping in step with the vision of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who from independence sought to create for his nation a vibrant defense and aerospace industry, Paramount Group, for nearly 25 years a worldwide leader in defence and security innovation, announced at the KADEX 2018 International Exhibition an ambitious action-plan, not just for the enterprise, but in support of an unprecedented roadmap to dynamically enhance the region’s defense and security capabilities for years to come.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) has been inducted within Paramount’s global supply chain, which means that the next-generation manufacturing facilities in-country would in future serve as host to the production of a diverse array of armoured vehicles, naval vessels and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), capable of being delivered to Paramount’s many markets around the world.

According to a recent Press Release issued by Paramount Group, this evolution may not have been the original intention – Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), the joint venture formed between the South African company and Kazakhstan, was originally established in-part to serve the needs of the country and surrounding areas; the facility has since, however, “…excelled in both quality and efficiency,” playing host to cutting-edge armoured vehicles, entitled, ‘Arlans’ as an example, which can withstand external temperatures below 50 degree Celsius, keeping its crew secure and comfortable throughout.

The KADEX 2018 International Exhibition (underway through this very week) accordingly served as a timely, appropriate venue to Paramount Group’s announcement of KPE “…’graduation’ in joining its global supply chain.”

Ivor Ichikowitz, Group Chairman of Paramount Group was quoted as stating: “Our experience in Kazakhstan has thus far been remarkable, to say the least. Countries that have a strong resolve to develop their defense industry capability, enhance their overall technical competence and contribute to overall economic development. We have seen this happen in Kazakhstan. It is due to the vision of President Nazarbayev that we have together created a platform for sustainable defense industry capability. It remains an honor and privilege to collaborate and expand Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) in portfolio and scale, and we look forward to investing in developing new technologies and playing our role in the nation’s continued industrialization and development.”

Agreed, Kazakh leadership deserves credit here as well. In addition to serving as KADEX host and maintaining an unfettered commitment to nuclear non-proliferation, Kazakhstan’s political leadership has been trekking around the world to forge strong, in some cases wholly renewed partnerships which further an ultimate vision of innovation-turned-industrialization. President Nazarbayev notably met with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on the 16th of January, where the two governments discussed increasing military ties and new pledges to cooperating further on nuclear energy issues.

Across the pond, no doubt Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), from within the nation’s very borders, will compliment the President’s 2014-enacted economic policy called ‘Bright Road,’ intended to spur the country’s economic growth by means of large-scale investment and international alliances of mutual benefit.

When walking through the Exhibition, one couldn’t help but take notice of this ‘road ahead,’ seen through the prism of highly-advanced, world-class vehicles on display; production on new orders of Paramount’s ‘Arlan’ is apparently well underway, and further deliveries are expected during 2018-2019.

President Nazarbayev most recently underlined the fact that KADEX has become a global-scale event indicative of his nation’s commitment to defense and security borne technological innovation. “The development of the defense sector and the Armed Forces is one of the priorities of the government;’ an effective tool in the implementation of it is the KADEX International Exhibition, the only one of its kind in Central Asia,” he stated.

The practical steps taken to further industrialize and further energize this economic stalwart of Eurasia should so too be appreciated and commended as proof positive of what is necessary to bring about lasting growth within our globalizing marketplace.

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