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6 Social Issues that Need Policy Changes

It’s never easy to affect social change in a short time period. In an ideal world, we could recognize a problem, find a solution and implement it immediately. Of course, this is very rarely works out, and progress is more commonly a gradual process that relies on shifting attitudes, policy change and social development. These are the factors that must be utilized in order to address the most pressing issues in the world right now. There are countless people facing substantial disadvantages that can be addressed through strategic policy changes that will lead to social progress.

The following are six examples of such issues. By addressing these problems, we can work to make the world a better place and make progress towards a better future for our children. You can make it happen by supporting the policies that affect these issues and using your voice to advocate for others.

Access to Education

Unfortunately, there are countless children around the world who are denied access to education. Some are only provided with a primary-level schooling, while some are denied any formal education at all. This problem leaves kids unable to empower themselves, seek better opportunities and earn better wages. Denying children education often sentences them to poverty and social immobility. Organizations such as UNESCO have aimed at producing policy changes and helping kids directly by providing access to educational opportunities. The charity’s leader Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva further advocates for education by providing children with books and building learning centers.

Hunger and Poverty

According to the World Bank Group, over 750 million people live in poverty around the world. This tragedy makes it apparent that something must be done to alleviate such a widespread crisis, but efforts to combat the problem have not eradicated it. Hunger and poverty are on the decline, but more must be done to implement policies and social action in order to end both once and for all. While social policy has not yet caught up to accomplish this, charities and philanthropists such as Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva have filled the gap by providing aid to those in need.

Women’s and Girls’ Rights

Around the world, women and girls face even further disadvantages solely because of their gender. There are many countries where access to period products is a luxury, and internationally, women are far less likely to be educated or earn living wages. This is a human rights atrocity that must be rectified, but it is also an ancient problem that has plagued nearly every society. Still, it is the responsibility of world citizens to advocate for the policies and changes that will empower women and girls internationally. We must engage in meaningful dialogues about how policies affect women everywhere.

Career Opportunities

Women are typically disadvantaged when it comes to professional opportunities, but internationally, there are entire populations facing the same challenge because of poverty and poor policy. Each country’s economy is dependent upon a range of different factors, but in some countries, there are scarce opportunities to work because of political issues and policies that inhibit economic growth. Such policies must be ended in order to provide the economic growth that allows citizens to thrive and escape poverty. Furthermore, they must be replaced with policies that facilitate job training and professional opportunities for disadvantaged and impoverished people.

Access to Health Care

Health care is yet another necessity that many people around the world lack access to. Too many people are sick and injured without the ability to see a medical professional. There are several issues at the root of this problem, including a lack of medical professionals caused by scarce training and job opportunities for medicine. This is often further exacerbated by individuals’ lack of funds to pay for medical care, if it is available. As a result, many are left without the medical care that they need in order to survive, and this leads to high fatality rates.

International Development

In order to address all of the aforementioned problems, the issue of disparate development must first be remedied. While some areas of the world prosper, others languish in poverty and thus perpetuate the issues that keep citizens’ quality of life low. Policy is one of the most effective ways to combat the problem and affect actual change throughout the world. While we wait for progress to take effect, though, investing in charities and organizations that provide aid can also help to alleviate international problems such as these. We must focus on developing opportunities in order to empower its citizens.

These are just a few issues which can and should be addressed through policy change. As a citizen, you can campaign and advocate for the policies that will help eradicate international problems. You can also get involved in charities that focus on the same issues and provide direct assistance to those in need.

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