Suzanne Scott Providing Strong Leadership at Fox News

Johnny Silvercloud/Flickr
Media /20 Sep 2018

Suzanne Scott Providing Strong Leadership at Fox News

In the wake of the scandals at Fox News — especially the ones involving longtime CEO Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly — there were a lot of questions as to how the network would do going forward.

Some thought Fox News was in dire straits, and short of a miracle worker coming in to take over for Ailes, the network could face a steep decline. But then that miracle worker arrived in the form of somebody who had been there all along.

Suzanne Scott joined Fox News back at the very beginning 22 years ago.

Since then, she rose all the way up to head of programming where she was the driving force behind many key decisions, including putting both Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham in primetime, two moves that have proven to be very shrewd.

The move to promote Scott occurred earlier this year and has paid dividends ever since.

If you think about it, her success, while surprising on one level considering the scandals she inherited, is also to be expected in some ways given her history and knowledge of the company.

Think about it: Who knows the on-air personalities better than the woman who was so instrumental in giving them their shows and helping to shape said shows?

And who knows the Fox News audience better than the woman who was primarily responsible for catering to their needs for such a long period of time?

While I have not had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Scott personally, I do travel in a lot of the same circles and have heard great things about how intelligent and savvy she is.

Another point of pride: Mrs. Scott is a fellow New Jersey resident and actually lives in Morristown, one of my favorite places in the state and somewhere I travel to often since I am an active member of the Morristown Club.

Hopefully I cross paths with Mrs. Scott soon so I can let her know what a fine job I think she is doing and what an inspiration she is to young women everywhere.

My three daughters are all successful professionals and all three look up to women like Mrs. Scott who set a terrific example for the type of accomplishments an ambitious woman should strive for in whatever her chosen field is.

Even more so than my daughters, though, women in broadcasting have somebody they can look to as a measuring stick for achievement in the industry and a person they can admire and attempt to emulate.

After 22 years of playing a key role shaping a tremendously successful network, she looks to have many years of continuing her trailblazing work ahead of her.

I am thrilled for her and excited to watch what she will do in the decade ahead in the professional position she seems to have been destined to fill and succeed in.

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