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Q&A with Arts Pundit Natalia Cola

Arts pundit Natalia Cola’s entrance into the arts world comes at a time of seismic shifts within the sector of arts and fashion. Globalization has morphed market demand and the established hubs of Paris, London, Milan, Monaco and New York are making way for competition from Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and yes, Kyiv.

We spoke to Ms. Cola about her unique upbringing and her contributions to this malleable scene.

Tell us about your background in the arts world, academically and professionally?

I finished studies in the faculty of Philosophy out of the Kiyv National University of Taras Shevchenco. At this very same university, I obtained a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, with a thesis devoted to the study of religion art.

Art is not just a passion; for some, it is a calling and I wanted to delve into the motivations of the some of history’s finest artists and draw inspiration from what drove them to break the mold and create works truly second to none.

Based on my dissertation, I prepared and published an academic analysis for students of the Faculty of Philosophy and then later, published a monograph on religious art.

Concurrently, I studied at the Art Academy of Smirnova-Lastochkina in Kyiv, listening and learning to distinct voices in the regional ‘industry’ and learning about arts rich history during my four-year tenure at the institution.

Experience is vital in the art world. I used to work professionally in Kyiv at art galleries alongside Ukrainian artists on a regular basis.

Before my arrival in Monaco, I moved to London, where I attended programs held by Sotheby’s and completed a one-year contemporary art course.

What drew you to Monaco and what trends do you foresee in the art industry in 2018 and 2019?

Despite constant evolutions to the industry and shifting focal points of talent predicted in the year ahead, Monaco remains and will remain certainly an important hub for the art world. Beyond family motivations to move to Monaco, many of the world’s biggest and most important private collectors live in our multilingual Principality.

In addition, you’ll find that these ‘movers and shakers’ of the art world have come to Monaco from diverse walks of life and regions; this gives the Monaco art scene a vibrant global presence, perhaps like none other, and well beyond the tested traditional motifs of luxury and exclusivity.

What are your ambitions as an art commentator?

My personal thoughts on Monaco aside, I certainly believe that there is potential to expand upon the Principality’s reputation and art world footprint by making art more accessible to those who are interested in entering the industry, however are not necessarily experienced in buying and selling art.

That’s my personal motivation, to help analyze and explain to audiences regionally and around the world what’s going on in the art world today, a universal language in and of itself, as I feel my contribution as a commentator and beyond is to help make art accessible to everyone.

I look forward to keeping you well appraised of developments in this exciting endeavor.

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