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Melania Trump’s Trip to Africa Sends the Right Message

“It’s very emotional. I will never forget [the] incredible experience and the stories that I heard.”

Those are the words of first lady Melania Trump, speaking about her trip to Africa.

I had the pleasure of meeting the first lady during the campaign and I found her to be nothing but gracious and classy. Hopefully, this trip goes a long way towards getting her detractors to realize that as well.

I understand that many people do not like the president and they are entitled to that opinion. I also fully grasp the fact that many women see the president as “anti-woman.” I don’t see it that way, but I respect those who do.

However, I’m not really sure why anybody would hate Melania Trump.

For starters, Melania loves her husband and is going to be by his side. You can dislike that all you want to, but that is what wives or husbands do who love their spouses.

It is fine to hate her husband and be upset at her for defending him, but she is supporting her husband. She shouldn’t be maligned for doing so.

More importantly, not being gracious to Mrs. Trump seems to be antithetical to achieving the goals of those who say they oppose the president’s agenda.

Take a look at the history of Melania Trump and you will see that she is not a malicious person at all. She does not have a mean bone in her body.

Truth is, Melania is a huge fan of empowering women and if her husband hadn’t decided to run, it seems likely she would have both voted for Hillary Clinton (she may very well have donated to her as well).

So to those on the left, may I humbly suggest that you treat Melania with the utmost respect.

As this trip shows, she has been nothing but a 100% class act as first lady and is trying to do good deeds around the world. She has my support, and I hope she has yours, too, because regardless of your political views, she deserves it.

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