Shealah Craighead
Politics /05 Oct 2018
and 10.05.18

Mexico and Canada Trade Deals Show Trump’s Shrewd Deal Making

The self-righteous indignation from the media and the professional pundit class at the new trade deal President Trump has constructed with Mexico was completely misplaced.

Yes, Canada was left out of the deal, but anybody who did two seconds worth of thinking can see that NAFTA needed to be destroyed and that getting Mexico on board would pressure Canada into jumping in but with more favorable terms than before.

And hey, guess what happened?

Per Politico: “Trade ministers from the U.S., Mexico and Canada have reached a deal to revamp NAFTA, the administration announced late Sunday night. The new pact, which is being called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, is a major step towards completing one of Trump’s signature campaign promises and it gives the president a concrete policy win to tout on the campaign trail this fall.”

Well, color me shocked!

While the president always wanted diplomatic relations with Canada and open trade, he was never going to let the United States be bullied or pushed around.

He was also sure as hell not going to allow the United States to be forced to live up to the terms of the poorly constructed NAFTA deal that only benefits giant corporations at the expense of small businesses and working people who have seen their jobs decimated.

And really, all this hand-wringing does is once again prove that so many people pay no attention to details anymore.

President Trump made it very clear all along that he wanted to sit down with Canadian authorities and work things out.

But he held firm to tough negotiation tactics, the likes of which made him a billionaire and an expert on the “art of the deal.”

While the previous administration continued to honor trade agreements like NAFTA and make new ones that were even worse — like the atrocious “Iran Deal,” — President Trump has repeatedly approached existing and future deals in a manner which puts American interests first.

Under the watch of the last few administrations, we lost billions of dollars in poor trade deals that yielded nothing but economic misery for those who found themselves on the wrong side of those agreements.

Billionaire businessman and former presidential candidate, Ross Perot, once said that you could hear a giant sucking sound due to all the jobs being lost to Canada and Mexico as a result of NAFTA.

He was right then, just as President Trump was right on the campaign trail.

Actions like these are exactly why the American people elected President Trump in the first place.

They want a president who is not going to pretend existing deals we have with a country are great when they clearly are not, will not make terrible deals with foreign governments and then deny ever making them like the previous president, and will not just stand by as billions of dollars are siphoned out of the United States and into another country at our expense.

In short, President Trump is never going to let the United States be anybody’s doormat.

This deal is a good one for the president, but an even better one for the American people as a whole.

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