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Sponsored Content /05 Feb 2019

ChiGlo at the International Forefront of Italian Fashion & Sardinian Tourism Opportunity

Interview with Chiara and Gloria Piscedda of ChiGlo.

Tell us about the opportunity to take a fresh look at investment in Italy through fashion and the arts?

There is so much in Italy that is unexplored for the global community. We see fashion as a thruway to opportunity for the country, for Sardinian tourism, for industry and certainly for the economy and look forward to playing our role in this process.

What interests you both in entering the U.S. market?

ChiGlo, as a brand, is interested in entering the dynamic U.S. marketplace, no question; it’s aggressive and conducive for quicker growth, as compared to alternative world markets.

In Italy, we are more or less well known and although we have some ways to go in our home front endeavors, the U.S. market will allow for a global ‘trickle-down’ in brand recognition.

Tell us about ChiGlo. What makes it unique and how widespread is the brand presently in Milan?

Each outfit has something unique, different to say and you see that on the runways of Milan or Venice, for that matter. However, we feel that ChiGlo serves as a conduit to exporting effectively the brand of Sardinia to the world.

There are many prospective partners from Italy, from all walks of life (e.g. in wine, travel and tourism) that wish to support and share in the merits of our brand, either autonomously alongside ChiGlo or having asked both of us (Gloria and Chiara) in some cases to take on the roles of Art Directors for their unique labels.

Are you in talks on partnering the brand with any other, established labels?

At this stage, we are not speaking with any other fashion labels in Italy with whom to partner, however, we are looking to collaborate abroad, mixing the cultures, colorful design dynamism yet grounded, distinct heritage of ChiGlo with other established labels.

I understand you are interested in entering the Middle East and Asian markets. Where do you foresee the brand in a few years’ time?

We envision the brand having reached and actively penetrated the markets of Russia, the United States, EMEA (such as the UAE) and Asia Pacific (e.g. China and Japan), serving as the primary ‘targets’ of brand ChiGlo, as we continue to look to expand brand accreditation and imminent development, globally.

What would you say to those tourists looking to include Sardinia in their travel plans?

Sardinia is home to beautiful sea sides, a rich culture, natural flora, and fauna, showcasing one of the oldest, most beautiful forms of architecture and surprisingly, hosts some of the biggest caves in Europe!

We have a lot to say about Sardinia and would be pleased to have our brand serve as an ambassador of Sardinian opportunities. Remember, we are not Sicily, we are 100% Sardinia and Sardinian culture; tenets of Italy which audiences (and visitors) young and old should take a fresh look at when making travel plans.

Any last takeaways?

ChiGlo is investing a lot in the brand, with the U.S. as an ideal market for us. We hope that we can bring something different to this marketplace, which takes our traditions and effectively puts them to work.

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