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Sponsored Content /05 Jun 2019

Travelling to Stay Permanently: Spouse Visa

You compile requirement after requirement only to find out that what you currently have compiled is wrong. That could easily bring you to your tethers’ end. However, that is not necessarily your fault. There are just times when there is more to the requirements presented than meets the eye.

It is for this reason that everybody needs help, especially when it comes to the kinds of visa that no one is particularly familiar about. One example is a spouse visa. This is one that you do not hear about very often. Applicants make it slightly more complicated, and most especially, ask help for.

It would be beneficial to personally know more, and not to be solely reliant on the travel requirements checker to help you.

The process begins with your U.S. citizen spouse applying for a petition. This step is to help prove that your marriage is legitimate. It involves completing several forms which will be submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Along with the necessary forms, you submit a copy of the marriage certificate, proof of legal name changes, divorce decrees if there were any previous marriages, and proof of the sponsor’s citizenship in the United States which could be either an American passport or a birth certificate.

In addition, documents such as joint bank accounts, proof of joint ownership of property, or children’s birth certificates will also be needed. It could be the three, depending on how many the government will require.

After your papers are reviewed, you will be sent a notice of approval which normally takes 30 to 45 days. If that does not arrive in the allocated time, then, you may contact them just to ensure that your application was transferred to their office.

You can then proceed with the application by filling another form. The form is normally free and can be filled in online. However, once that is finished, you will be paying a sum of roughly $445. It is costly if you consider it, but that is a small price to pay if you want your loved one closer to you.

Once all has been submitted, you will then move forward by applying for an immigrant visa. It is at this point when you will need proof that your spouse will be supporting you if ever you do not have the means to support yourself. This involves a long wait, normally at least three months to get things processed.

Also, do not forget to print out the confirmation page at the end of the application. You will need this once you walk in for an interview which, at this point, and if approved, you will be given a medical examination along with a biometrics appointment.

Once everything is settled, all that is left is to travel to the United States and enter as a normal citizen.

It is a lengthy process, and it is far different from what you would do with a travel requirements checker, but always worth it in the end.

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