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How to Store Medical Marijuana

When using marijuana for medical purposes it is very important to keep cannabis fresh and powerful. Marijuana that has not been carefully stored will lose some of its potency and the taste and texture will also be negatively affected. How you store your medical marijuana will affect how long you can use it, and whether it will still be good when you take it out several months down the line.

Here are some basic pointers on the best way to keep marijuana including how to store it, when to use it, and how to tell if it has gone bad. Using medical cannabis can be highly effective for a number of medical conditions – make sure you get the most benefits from your marijuana. If you are interested in finding out if your marijuana expires, learn about it here.

Minimize Light Exposure: Don’t keep your medical marijuana in a glass jar on the windowsill. Sunlight is a problem for keeping marijuana. The UV rays in sunlight degrades organic matter and over time the potency of the marijuana is reduced and the cannabinoids in the plant are broken down. It is important to use colored glass to keep your marijuana a little more protected from sunlight. But you will do better if you keep your supply away from direct sunlight, such as in a dark cupboard or drawer.

Keep Your Marijuana Cool: Maintain the health of your marijuana by keeping it a little under room temperature. If your room or storage space is too hot you risk damaging the plant. Mildew will grow at temperatures above 70 degrees. The cooler the better for marijuana.

But Not Cold: But remember, not too cool. You should avoid putting cannabis in the fridge or freezer. You will not prolong the life of your marijuana in this way. In fact, you can damage the marijuana because the temperature changes in the fridge will lead to the growth of bacteria. The extremely cold temperatures will also remove moisture from the marijuana.

Keep in an Airtight Container: Minimize the exposure to air by keeping your marijuana in an airtight container, for example, a jar with a strong seal or a tightly sealed plastic box. This will help to keep the cannabis fresh.

Watch Humidity Levels: Dry air will damage marijuana, but there is no reason to worry that this will affect you unless you live in an extremely arid climate. In general, the levels of humidity will be enough to keep marijuana healthy. If humidity levels are too high, you may experience mold forming on the cannabis. You can avoid this with a dehumidifier.

Avoid Handling the Marijuana: If you touch the marijuana too much you will damage the dried flowers and this will affect the potency of the marijuana. You will obviously need to open the jar and handle the marijuana when you are ready to use it, but aside from this, you should leave it alone.

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