Video Conferencing for SMBs

Sponsored Content /03 Aug 2015

Video Conferencing for SMBs

It’s a known fact that companies of varying sizes can gain from enhanced collaboration-and video conferencing is the ultimate interactive experience. This technology is no longer a preserve of large corporations with international workforces and vast resources. Whether your business comprises two or 200 employees, the benefits associated with this technology can help grow any business. More businesses such as Blue Jeans are adopting this technology along with other collaboration platforms as a way of staying connected. As telecommuting becomes common and videoconferencing costs come down, the compelling reasons for adopting video technology are beginning to pile up.

As companies examine ways to survive throughout a tough financial climate, cost control is becoming a priority. Consequently, small and medium sized businesses are recognizing the advantages of virtual collaboration to substitute travel. If you’re wondering whether to integrate this technology in your business model, here’s a list of reasons why you should.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Video Conferencing Solutions

While video collaboration is an increasingly vital business tool, numerous companies are unsure of how to select the appropriate solution. The main factors to consider when selecting a suitable solution include:

  • Simplicity

A simplicity-driven user experience is vital for adoption. In most instances, vendors manufacture simple tools that don’t need a user manual. If training is required, you should address this upfront and ensure the investment adds value to your organization through enhanced sales, improved customer loyalty, and decreased travel costs.

  • Reliability

This factor is extremely vital for video deployments. Once users have video access and get used to conducting meetings via video, eliminating the access or providing a compromised experience can impair adoption considerably and stall improved business outcomes.

  • Security

This is a naturally significant factor because a service must be secure. Although numerous free unrestricted platforms are available for businesses today, their security is questionable. Video traffic for businesses should therefore undergo encryption during the discussion of sensitive information for instance the development of new products or litigation in which the business is involved.

  • Scalability

This element is important because deployment should allow capacity growth in line with a business’s changing needs.

  • Mobility

Another element that numerous business people consider essential is mobility. Today’s world is constantly busy and with video conferencing, you could always be in a meeting. From the vehicle, your neighbor’s residence, to the store, mobility ensures you’re constantly connected, so you don’t miss any meeting. Before making a purchase, ensure the platform you choose supports your business devices. Whether it’s iPhone or Blackberry devices, you want everyone to access it.

How SMB’s Can Benefit from Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is certainly the way forward for businesses, enabling you to decrease travel costs, enhance productivity, save time, and increase collaboration. To gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing international business setting, you should understand what Video Conferencing for SMB’s by Blue Jeans Network could do for your business. Here’s a list of benefits your business could experience from this technology.

  • Cost Reduction

Travel expenses are becoming increasingly exorbitant. However, with video technology, you can sustain quality relationships with clients and stay in touch with coworkers regularly. Although initial upfront expenses exist, the return on investment is worth it. This way, you can save for important face-to-face meetings annually. Besides cost-savings, online meetings can help decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

  • Connecting Disparate Workers

According to studies, almost 80% Americans say they prefer telecommuting. Retaining valuable workers who relocate or need to telecommute for a few days per week saves on office space, expensive retaining and recruiting. This is especially significant for small businesses that depend on the proficiency of a few crucial staffers who have institutional knowledge and long-time client relationships. Web conferencing allows remote employees and telecommuters to stay on track and can further link teams in varied offices.

  • Efficient Communication

Communication doesn’t merely involve speaking. The loss of attitude and meaning occurs when you’re unable to see the person you’re communicating with. This technology enhances communication efficiency by establishing face-to-face communication effectively through high video quality.

Types of Video Conferencing Systems

Understanding the kinds of conferencing that suit your business is vital when you’re thinking of adopting video conferencing systems and equipment. The major types of these systems include:

  • Telepresence

The system replicates a live meeting although the participants are in different geographical locations. Either the systems can be portable or room based. The cost of these systems varies depending on the capabilities and size of the equipment.

  • Desktop

These systems bring communications into your workspace. They reside on laptops and desktop computers as well as other devices for instance IP phones. These days, you can access systems that produce good quality at an affordable cost. They typically comprise a software package and camera.

  • Integrated Systems

This group of systems frequently functions in conference rooms, classrooms, or boardrooms with numerous participants. It typically comprises a centralized location for the associated hardware. They also feature large screens that you mount on the walls.


Conferencing technologies are facing strong adoption as the value of real-time communication increases on the business environment. Financial conditions worldwide and increasing environmental concerns are developing a new degree of awareness and demand for collaboration. Consequently, the SMB segment has become the next probable target market for various business technologies including videoconferencing. Therefore, SMB proprietors can’t afford to miss out on the associated benefits.

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