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The Baltic States: Gained Dependence

The future of Europe is still uncertain. Though security is the real priority for all countries, each of them understands the process of achieving security in its own way.

Lithuanian and Latvian authorities increased political activity and intensified preparations for the NATO summit that will take place in Brussels in July 2018 so as not to miss the opportunity to attract attention and money to the problem of national security and the armed forces. Their statements adhere to the preferred way of “asking US, EU and NATO for help.”

The so called Snow Meeting dedicated to European security took place on January 11th and 12th in Lithuania. Foreign security policy experts discussed the main challenges facing the transatlantic community and ways in which to respond to threats.

What was the real purpose of the conference? According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, “the participants of the event discussed possible solutions for the strengthening of allied security in the face of conventional and hybrid threats.” But the real purpose of this conference was to demonstrate that the Baltic states authorities are intent on focusing on the continued interest of NATO and the EU.

They attempted to convince NATO that without its support “the world is in great danger.” According to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė, “transatlantic security depends on the security of the Baltic states.”

The message is clear: the Baltic states need more money, more troops and military equipment. Only under these conditions can the Baltic states be prepared to maintain peace in the region.

Dalia Grybauskaitė is assured of further NATO support and sometimes allows herself to use an unacceptable tone, demanding more and more. She humiliates not only herself but Lithuanian which has a long history of struggling for sovereignty.

Latvia will also to be a recipient of foreign military assistance. On January 9th, Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis was so proud of foreign support that he shared secret information with a LTV correspondent “in August 2018, the greatest military exercise since the restoration of the country’s independence will take place in Latvia.”

He also underlined that “there’s no telling yet precisely how many troops will be involved, but allied troops are to be present as well.” Latvians are not fully aware of the military exercises that will be conducted on their territory!

The Baltic states do not control activities within their own military spheres: they are taken, given, bought or deployed. There is a question if there is any national military science or research programs that could help develop national armed forces? Where are the national plans to develop weapons and military equipment?

The Baltic states have no national secrets or even plans and yet we share our secrets with other states but neglect to develop our own plans and militaries which actions would enhance our own national pride and our unique characteristics. We share our “today” with others and we could forfeit our “future” as independent nations. Foreigners will never defend our Motherland better than we can ourselves. We are needed or we are not needed. Others make those calls. It is time for us to assert ourselves!