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That about sums it up for COVID across the last year or so with the reporting on it. Instead of being totally transparent and having a sense-of-urgency to get down to the truth as people were dying, the American public was sidetracked by media bias, daily partisan spin, pseudo-experts denying other credible, credentialed perspectives which did not coincide with their own, and of course, biased “fact-checkers” trying to play down and in some cases, hide, any new evidence or squelch legitimate questioning of issues when things didn’t quite add up.

Conspiracy theories? Not with the truth coming out now

Let’s not forget the timeline of events with the COVID outbreak. Before the “experts” said to shut down the borders, President Trump closed them. He took action and was immediately called a racist for taking that action. But later, it was considered the right move.

Up to that point, many in both the opposing political party as well as their minions in the media, were already looking for something to stop Trump’s momentum in accomplishing objectives and “winning” when it came to unemployment numbers and the growth of the U.S. economy. Their bungled attempt at impeachment did not get anywhere.

Taking the attitude of “don’t let a crisis go to waste,” the pandemic was the perfect storm to shine the spotlight on to detract from everything else going on in the country. Parts of the government were not prepared to handle a pandemic, certain supplies were not abundant, and the rush to get the equipment needed to be used in hospitals all took the spotlight, along with the dire need to find a vaccine.

No matter what President Trump did or enacted like Operation Warpspeed and getting hospital ships in major ports on each coast, it was not enough and the media was quick to point that out – over and over again with the help of the opposition.

Shut down the country! That was the only thing to do. But for how long? No one could really answer that, but what we all heard was, “follow the science!”

In his concern to not kill the economy completely, Trump wanted to reopen the country up, get businesses back in gear and get people back to work. He was quickly chastised and told to stop focusing on the revival of the economy. The economy crashed as expected and stopped Trump’s “wins.”

“Follow the science!” Put a mask on. Nothing else would do and nothing else would help alleviate the situation because the only way we could survive this pandemic was to listen to the so-called experts and “follow the science.” There was no bipartisan effort to get the economy rolling – especially before the election. We could have had a real infrastructure program passed prior to the election, but that would be considered another “win” for Trump. No way – we needed to keep the country locked down.

Credibility takes years to build, but can quickly be shattered

As more information comes out on Dr. Fauci and his emails, you begin to wonder, what else is not being reported right? Or, reported at all?

As someone who has national as well as international stature, it is becoming clearly evident that he had some hidden agenda and was far from being truthful. The full story is not out – yet, but as far as I am concerned, he sold off his credibility. As for his stature? That crashed along with his mantra, “follow the science.”

Let the mainstream media start doing its job in uncovering all the facts, instead of hiding them and chastising those with legitimate questions as well as those who have highly credentialed backgrounds who have presented a different perspective on this. Open discourse was killed in the academic and scientific community, especially with the threat of “you won’t get your next grant, if you start questioning this” mentality.

We did not follow science because it was hollowed out by political opportunists and other subversives who wanted to take down a presidency because it was going just a little too well and all other efforts to take it down failed.

You thought there was integrity in science? As Pablo Escobar said, “Everyone has their price, the important thing is to find out what it is.”

Politicizing science, whether it is about a pandemic or about climate change, kills real scientific method and discovery. Many people are not experts, but that does not mean they cannot ask specific detailed questions when things don’t add up that should be answered. It looks like we are finding out that scientific credibility was shattered.

In moving forward, stop the idiocracy of phony fact-checkers and censuring credentialed perspectives because they do not fit into a political agenda. Freedom of speech means you can have differing opinions and perspectives. Anyone disagreeing with that is clearly disagreeing with the Founding Fathers.

James Carlini is a strategist for mission critical networks, technology, and intelligent infrastructure. Since 1986, he has been president of Carlini and Associates. Besides being an author, keynote speaker, and strategic consultant on large mission critical networks including the planning and design for the Chicago 911 center, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor networks, and the international network for GLOBEX, he has served as an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University.