Gage Skidmore



Donald Trump Acted Presidential. It Didn’t Last

Well, it happened. President Trump finally seemed to become presidential. A speech in front of the UN was met with widespread praise, his approval rating was rising and the country seemingly was settling down. The protests and #notmypresident was dying down, we not only survived three hurricanes and wildfires but these tragedies brought us together. CNN was being exposed as pushing fake narratives about him. The winds were beginning to blow in his favor. Apparently, it wasn’t good enough for our president.

President Trump showed that he is incapable of sitting back and enjoying the growing harmony. Instead of resting on the success of the past few weeks and as people rushed to help each other out no matter race, sexual orientation or religion, he had to tweet. President Trump felt an urge to be petty and childish. Over the weekend, he sent not one explosive tweet but two. The first one going after the Golden State Warriors and revoking their invitation to the White House and the second one attacking the NFL and the players who kneel for the anthem.

A year ago, I wrote about how destructive President Trump’s ego could be. He is a high functioning, non-drinking alcoholic, narcissist constantly chasing the approval of a dead father. When Trump won the election, I was optimistic that he would grow up. I was hopeful, especially after his inauguration speech that the job and the weight behind it would force him to mature. Clearly, I was wrong.

I still have hope in a positive, healing, dynamic presidency but that’s more my desire to be optimistic than the reality that I see.

President Donald J Trump is a self-destructive personality. This is an issue to be concerned about. His level of arrogance is off the charts; his insecurity drives him to seek attention. Instead of building upon his successes and rising approval ratings, he had to go nuclear and stroke the flames of anger and resentment.

Trump is his own worst enemy. At 71 years old, he is not going to change which presents an incredible risk for the nation and the world. He is not tone deaf to negative perception, he willfully seeks it and causes chaos in his words and actions. Like the alcoholic, he wants to hit rock bottom because part of the thrill for him is climbing back up. As a private citizen, he can do this as long as he wants. It is up to his family to put up with it. As President of the United States of America not so much. The country deserves better than a president who gets his thrills crashing and burning then trying to climb back out.

I personally want to believe in Trump. The DC swamp needs to be drained. I want a strong economy, significant rollbacks in regulations and government interference in private enterprise, I want to see the political and economic status quo disrupted. I had hoped, and still hope, that Trump is the president to accomplish this. I hope but I cannot be blind to the reality that he is creating.

It’s not my place to say his tweets were right or wrong. I see positives and negatives in them. I believe they were poorly timed and have erased goodwill, momentum and budding calm. That is all on the president. Please grow up, please realize that you are the president and the world is watching. You are on the brink of war with North Korea; the economy is not fairing as well as it should. The nation is still suffering from Russian election overload, the country needs to fix or repeal Obamacare, there is an immigrant crisis, hurricane and fire clean up. Stop sabotaging your success. Stop making it harder to achieve your goals. You have the ability to get both sides to work with you but you choose to piss in their faces. These obstacles are an incredible gift handed to you to grow and become a transformational leader. Grow up, mature a little. Look at what you have accomplished, look at where you are and look at the fact that the nation needs a healer, bring us together. Be bigger and stronger than your opponents. Please, the nation really needs you and the country to be a success.