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An explainer to understand the Polygon platform, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon is a protocol stack specifically designed to solve Ethereum’s scaling problem. This network allows you to perform transactions on the web much more efficiently. Many people wonder what Matic crypto is and how it is used.

You can convert Matic to USDT on favorable terms, having familiarized yourself with the architecture and features of the new technology. Polygon technology is designed in such a way as to speed up the execution of all transactions, as well as reduce possible costs and load on the network, which makes it possible to ensure the compatibility of the chains of individual network blocks.

Polygon has proven to be an exciting project. That is why it was created by Polygon cryptocurrency, which is highly reliable and the driving force behind this project. A complete ecosystem is actively developing.

The developers are regularly working on the platform to achieve the best performance of the Matic/USDT exchange rate. At the moment, there is practically no difference between Polygon and Matic, since these are the names of the same project that uses the optimal consensus algorithm when processing transactions. The sophisticated design of the system makes it possible to provide a high level of security for even the most complex procedures.

After scaling the project, Matic became a kind of currency for this ecosystem. It will not be challenging to convert Matic to USDT using the appropriate cryptocurrency exchanges.

Among the main features of this project, attention should be paid to the following:

High throughput. Polygon solves Ethereum’s network congestion problem. The result is lower gas fees, making transactions accessible to all users.

Decentralized finance protocols. The project uses modern technological solutions to process operations and optimize all projects.

Processing of transactions in sidechains. This increases the capacity of the network, allowing you to simultaneously perform more than 65,000 user transactions, taking a minimum commission for the Matic to USDT exchange.

Plasma chain. The system has a separate chain of blocks, which is used to transfer data on the network and control cryptocurrency assets securely.

Blockchain bridge. It was introduced due to the high popularity of the ecosystem. This allows you to develop efficient decentralized applications without losing performance.

Polygon does not offer a universal solution for everyone but allows you to choose the best approach in each case, offering the best solution. Each project scaling decision is explained by the issues of improving the security, speed, and efficiency of transactions. Developers also can choose the right scaling solution for their networks, making Polygon a viable option for everyone.