Sustainable brands like Organika Vodka are changing the business landscape.

It is hard to read the news lately and not see another ecological disaster on the horizon. Oil spills like the Deepwater Horizon accident are still far too common, and that is to say, nothing when compared to the great garbage island that floats out in the middle of the Pacific. The climate is changing, and many are rightfully alarmed at the prospects of the future.

According to the most recent climate report: 2021 was one of the warmest on record and “there is an over 99% chance of the year ranking among the 10 warmest years on record.” It seems that the tide of an unshakable climate change event is upon us, which is why it is so important to do what we can now, while it still makes a difference.

Sustainability is important not just because it saves resources, but because it eliminates the need to further pollute while searching for those same resources. A biodegradable bag, for instance, could be broken down into safe particles within three months when placed in a marine environment, eliminating the cycle that feeds the great garbage island.

Furthermore, sustainability is the key to preserving our ecosystem and allowing future generations to continue to enjoy the life that we have taken for granted. A beautiful world takes care to ensure its safety, and for far too many years, there have been groups that simply polluted without a worry about the consequences.

The largest creators of pollution such as greenhouse gases and plastic waste come from all too familiar names. These multinational giants have for decades had a clear hand in simply dumping their waste wherever they see fit, or worse, causing major ecological disasters that can irreparably damage a local environment. A complete lack of ecological awareness has led to severe damage at best, and at worst, species extinction events. The last year alone saw 21 new species added to the list of extinct animals in the United States, most of them due to habitat destruction and pollution.

It has become clear that a major effort has to be made to avert the current crisis from reaching new levels of damage. To their credit, some of the major corporate entities have begun measures to alleviate the damage that they have caused. Pepsi for instance, has pledged to eliminate virgin plastics, shift to renewable energy, and increase support for sustainable and renewable farming measures. However, this shift comes after decades of mishandling the environment and was only spurred on by a major public outcry following years of bad publicity.

Big corporations are among the highest polluters in the world and have been immensely slow at adapting to the requirements for sustainability and clean energy that they promised they’d adopt. This is why it is important to recognize those companies that were founded on a message of sustainability, like Organika Vodka.

Organika was founded on the ideals of sustainability in all forms. From its inception, it held these values to be the core of the company. Directly starting with sizable investments totaling at least 1% of all profits being donated towards charitable causes, Organika has striven to represent the change that a company can make by directing itself towards sustainability and ecological consciousness.

Organika locally obtains its ingredients from renewable sources in the Lake Baikal region and works hand in hand with the Indigenous people there to safeguard the region’s beauty and resources. Additionally, Organika has put extensive resources towards developing a fully biodegradable spirits bottle. Other companies have pledged to research this idea, but have yet to deliver on their promises. Organika is putting immense resources towards developing this idea, seeking to have full sustainability from every step of its production, beginning to end.

One of the most telling parts of Organika’s dedication to the environment is the recognition that it was given by the World Wildlife Fund. Never before had the WWF partnered with a spirits producer, and yet they were so moved by the efforts Organika had been taking that they sought out a partnership with the growing company. Thus, Organika now donates the majority of its charitable fund directly to the WWF, seeing a direct impact from its efforts. Particularly on the population of Snow Leopards, an issue dear to the hearts of Organika’s founders.

Sustainability is one of the most important issues in our time. Many companies have paid lip service to this idea or have begun efforts to reach this goal. However, Organika serves both as a unique entity and as a lesson for all companies in the world. Organika has had sustainability as one of its dearest beliefs since its inception and continues to seek better ways to support this goal even as it expands into one of the most sought-after premium vodka brands in the world.