Photo illustration by John Lyman

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The New Coalition Challenging Our Global Order has Echoes of the 1930s

In these turbulent times, the geopolitical landscape has been profoundly altered by a menacing alliance – the ‘Unholy Alliance’ comprising Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and China. This consortium poses an unparalleled threat, not merely challenging the existing global order but striking at the very foundations of international law and the principles that have sustained global stability for decades.

This ominous union between Russia, the Islamic regime, and China is spreading discord far and wide – from Europe and the Middle East to Asia. The actions of these regimes are a direct assault on the foundational elements of global harmony: the sovereign right of nations to protect the integrity of their borders, the inviolability of territorial integrity, and the preservation of democratic discourse.

Yet, most troubling is this alliance’s covert attack on our values. By propagating malevolent narratives, these regimes are corrupting the principles we in the West hold dear – multiculturalism, diversity, free speech, and freedom of worship.

Through a sophisticated inversion of values, they are manipulating extremist groups under the guise of victimhood. This subterfuge has ensnared Western societies in a labyrinth of prejudiced and twisted rhetoric, distorting perceptions, and portraying victims as oppressors while depicting malevolent actors as self-styled champions of liberty.

The narrative pushed by this axis justifies violence under the pretense of a so-called ‘freedom’ – a freedom that, in truth, masks their quest for absolute power. This bears a disturbing resemblance to the morality and narratives of the 1930s in Nazi Germany, albeit cloaked in a different guise for the contemporary era. It’s a perilous return to an era when fundamentalism and extremism were veiled under claims of victimhood and righteousness.

As a key figure in the Russian opposition living in exile, I have seen how these regimes twist the truth to advance their aims. They have adeptly exploited social unrest and disinformation to undermine democratic processes in numerous countries, including my own. The systematic erosion of fundamental rights and freedoms is not merely an internal issue for these authoritarian regimes; it has grave implications for global peace and security.

In light of these alarming developments, I am announcing an initiative to form the ‘Coalition of the Willing.’ This call to action is for all parties of the Opposition in Russia, Iran, and China, as well as any willing actors who are committed to protecting our democracies from the pervasive threat of fundamentalism in all its forms. Our goal is to stand united, to push back against this formidable threat that endangers not only millions of lives but also seeks to obliterate the freedoms of future generations.

The ‘Coalition of the Willing’ is more than a symbolic gesture; it is a necessary response to a growing crisis. We are witnessing a coordinated effort by these regimes to undermine the very fabric of democratic society. Their actions are not isolated incidents but part of a broader, more sinister strategy to expand their influence and control.

Our coalition aims to be a beacon of hope and resistance. It will serve as a platform for collaboration, sharing of resources, and strategising on effective ways to counteract the advances of these regimes. We will work together to amplify the voices of those oppressed, to shine a light on human rights abuses, and to support efforts to maintain the integrity of international law and democratic principles.

This is a call to all who value freedom, democracy, and human rights. We must act decisively and in unison. The time to stand together is now. Our unity will be our strength, and our collective resolve will be our weapon against this tide of authoritarianism and fundamentalism. Let us join hands in this crucial fight for the preservation of our shared values and the safeguarding of our common future.

The international community must awaken to the threat posed by this new ‘Axis of Evil.’ Democratic nations must unite to counteract the dangerous narratives and actions of this cabal; so that we can continue to live in a world governed by laws, not the caprices of tyrants. We must reaffirm our commitment to the tenets of international law and the values of freedom and democracy. We cannot remain passive as these regimes endeavour to redraw the map of international relations based on their distorted worldview.