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Street sellers running from the police in Madrid.

On social media, Nigerians are voicing their displeasure at the crackdown on the sellers of counterfeit goods.

In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, the issue of counterfeit goods circulating within Nigeria is on the rise. Nigerian regulatory agencies and law enforcement bodies have been actively engaging in the fight against this by arresting and incarcerating those involved in the counterfeiting of goods.

Legislation has been put forward by Senator Ibikunle Amosun aimed at combatting the rise in counterfeit goods.

Reflecting on the crackdown on sellers of counterfeit goods, Reno Omokri, a Nigerian author and prominent social media influencer, took to social media in late December to voice his opinion on the jailing of counterfeiters. He advocated for more constructive measures that could potentially enhance the Nigerian economy through the adoption of technology.

In response to Reno Omokri’s tweet, Gideon Philip expressed his support:

Balogun Ridwan, another user, tweeted his agreement:

Journalists Against Poverty, an independent organization leveraging media to fight poverty, corruption, and underdevelopment in Nigeria, called on policymakers to heed Omokri’s message.

Ismaila Biliaminu Manne is a freelance journalist and writer, with a keen interest in African cultures as well as underreported storytelling of marginalized communities across Nigeria. He lives in North Central Nigeria.