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Cannes Film Festival; Photo illustration by John Lyman

Online piracy is a significant problem but a Turkish company thinks it has a solution.

As the Cannes Film Festival wraps up this week, Turkey’s film industry is poised to make a significant mark, thanks in no small part to Funda Şen. Funda Şen, a renowned figure in the Turkish media landscape, is set to introduce an innovative concept to the Cannes audience: WediaCorp’s cybersecurity tool WediaShield.

Addressing a pressing concern in today’s digital age, WediaShield is designed to combat online piracy, safeguarding the intellectual property of filmmakers and distributors alike. With a specialized service focused on detecting and removing pirated content from the web, WediaShield ensures that films remain protected from unauthorized distribution.

WediaEntertainment, a vital component of the WediaCorp family, manages an extensive catalog of 400 foreign movies and 700 Turkish films. Beyond distribution, their expertise extends to securing content across various online platforms.

What sets WediaShield apart is its proactive approach to content protection. Utilizing sophisticated software, the service conducts comprehensive scans of the Internet, swiftly identifying and removing unauthorized content. Moreover, WediaShield boasts multilingual capability, effectively removing pirated material in all languages, thereby broadening the scope of protection.

In an era where various online platforms present significant challenges due to the proliferation of pirated content, WediaCorp has developed strategies to mitigate these risks effectively.

Funda Şen’s vision for cybersecurity reflects her unwavering commitment to innovation and progress in the Turkish media landscape.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival will undoubtedly be a landmark event for Turkey’s film industry, thanks to the efforts of Funda Şen.

Funda Şen’s vision and dedication to safeguarding intellectual property are not just about protecting assets; they are about nurturing creativity and ensuring that the hard work of filmmakers is rightfully rewarded.

The Cannes Film Festival will serve as a powerful platform for showcasing Turkey’s vibrant film industry and the innovative spirit of leaders like Funda Şen.

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