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Trump, Putin, and Grandma Dusya

A keen interest in politics is an important component of longevity. One of the oldest residents of Russia, Evdokia Triticina, celebrated her 112th birthday a few days before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Relatives and friends of the survivor from Western Siberia call her “grandma Dusya.” The family of grandma Dusya is one of the largest in the world in number of present generations: she has three children, four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, six great-great-grandchildren, and many great-great-great-grandchildren.

Evdokia Triticina believes that her interest in the world keeps her body and mind in good shape. She watches TV, variety shows, and news channels that cover events in the world. Foreign news, other people’s lives and simple human experiences always attract her. She is not averse to speculating about politics.

Grandma Dusya admits frankly that she knows little about the new President of the United States Donald Trump. “If he would more often be on Russian TV, then I understand how he’s a good guy,” she says about the 45th President of the United States. However, Grandma Dusya admits that she will be happy if her greetings at the inauguration will be given to Donald Trump. Evdokia Triticina has no doubt that Donald Trump expects a long-term political career and a long happy life, under one condition that he will retain his optimism and friendly attitude to Russia and other countries. Optimism and hope for a better future is another important part of the secret of longevity.

She still remembers clearly the Great October revolution of 1917 and the Finnish war which killed her brother. She has not forgotten, the children who died. At the time she lost her little son who contracted an infectious disease. But she never became discouraged, she is always optimistic to life. And life did the same to her. Optimism is the best elixir of longevity. An easy and cheerful disposition Evdokia Triticina helps her to overcome her age level.

Evdokia Triticina. (Provided by the author)

Grandma Dusya survived the Nazi occupation when she lived in Belarus during World War II. That’s why she supports the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the establishment and preservation of peace on earth. For this reason, she welcomes peaceful relations between Russia and America that should exist between the two huge countries as an indisputable truth.

She sympathizes with the Russian president as he works hard to lead the country, in response to attacks by various European leaders. She’s worried that Putin is divorced, and she sympathetically shakes her head: “How so? Why so? A man needed a wife!” Grandma Dusya is confident that everyone needs to have a family that should provide moral support. “A man can’t live alone. He definitely need a wife that would care for him, supported him.” And in this regard she cites Donald Trump, who has a strong family as an example for lone Vladimir Putin. And who knows, maybe the secret of success in Donald Trump’s presidency depends on the love and understanding on the part of his wife.

Evdokia Triticina is independent and self-sufficient. She lives with her granddaughter in a modest apartment, and she places no burden on her family. She maintains herself and attends Church daily. Her diet is simple and consists of fresh organic foods, vegetables, greens and milk porridge. She loves to cook, and observes the Orthodox posts. In addition, Grandma Dusya has her own credo, borrowed a bit from Donald Trump: “Let’s make the world great again – together!”