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Welcome to India. The Suicide Capital of Asia.

Suicide is responsible for more deaths than malaria, cancer, war or even homicide, according to the WHO. It was the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds, claiming 200,000 lives in 2016, topped only by road injury. Many countries suppress this data and unfortunately the real number is often kept a secret.

In the last few years, India has become the suicide capital of this planet. India has the highest suicide rate in the South-East Asian region, according to the World Health Organization’s latest report. Other reports on social media suggest it might be the global leader in suicides. The biggest contributor to suicides in India is marriage.

In 2015, 133,623 suicides in India were reported, of which 91,528 (68 percent) were by men, 42,088 were by women, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Furthermore, of the 86,808 ‘married people’ who committed suicide in 2015, 64,534 (74 percent) were men, the NCRB data shows. In 2019 many speculate that the number has gone up to 200,000 suicides every year out of which 160,000 suicides are men’s suicides.

One of the biggest reasons for these suicides is the fact that India has failed to revise its outdated, ancient laws made by the British. As a result, orthodoxy, lack of reforms and gender biased laws are destroying Indian society faster than one can imagine. Even today, forced marriages, arranged marriages and marriage at gunpoint are common in villages, small towns and unfortunately even some cities. Lack of social reforms is degrading Indian society day by day.

In 2019, the suicide rate of divorced men is so alarmingly high, that the country refuses to publish actual numbers. Looking at the appalling state of affairs with respect to social reforms, ever since the British left, National Crime Records Bureau figures announced that for every married woman committing suicide, three to four married men are committing suicide. While almost all countries in the world accept contract marriages, women paying men, and have abolished alimony and maintenance, India has ignored these reforms completely. As a result of India’s ignorance, 24% of men who ended life in 2016 were Indians.

Corruption in the Indian judiciary is the worst in the world if we compare the history of mankind. In spite of warnings on mass corruption in the courts and a rotten judicial system by the Chief Justice of India, Indian politicians have failed to pay any attention to this disastrous state of affairs. If the Indian government does not act, India will soon be responsible for half of the world suicides well within the next two to three years.