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Why Trump Would Almost Certainly Be Violating the Constitution If He Continues to Own His Businesses


    Donald Trump is no Mussolini, but Liberal Democracy Could Still be in Danger

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    Bridging the Gap this Thanksgiving by Reaching Across the Aisle

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    Golf Diplomacy? Trump and the Deal of Modern Politics

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    Trump Paradigm Shift

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    What will Trump’s Foreign Policy Look Like?

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    Will Trump Take this Opportunity to Become a Transformational President?

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    Are We All Just Gibbering Chimpanzees with the Attention Span of Goldfish?

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    Trump is an Avowed Sinner – So Why Did American Evangelicals Vote for Him?

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    Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech – A Class Political Act

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    Why Repealing Obamacare may not be as Easy as Trump Thinks

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    Free, Fair and (Mostly) Unfettered

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    After Poisoning and Dividing America, Donald Trump has Won an Ugly Victory

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    Why Trump Won

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    Violence Has Long Been a Feature of American Elections

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    If Hillary is Elected President, Bill will Play Second Fiddle!

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    How Hard is it to Rig an Election?

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    Trump’s Fraud Accusations May Hurt his Endgame – Just Ask Mexico

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    The Price the World May Pay for America’s Presidential Election

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    Why Millennials Must Change Their Mind on Trade

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    Can Trump Create Millions of Jobs? Don’t Bet On It

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    Method to the Madness: American Politics and its Socialist Methodology

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    The Time for Change Is Now

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    In Defense of the President: Barack Obama’s Impact and Legacy

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    9/11: What Obama Could have Learned from Bush

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    In Another Newly Discovered Song, Woody Guthrie Continues his Assault on ‘Old Man Trump’

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    Election Legitimacy at Risk, Even Without a November Cyberattack

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    Trump’s Incompetence Misses the Point

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    Are U.S. Politics Beyond a Joke?

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    We Deserve Democracy, Not Autocracy

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    Is the U.S. Electoral System Really ‘Rigged’?

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    Why Donald Trump Must Win: An Outsider’s Perspective

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    Trump’s Economics Speech: Seeking Conservative Cred and Kissing Babies

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    Two-Faced Hypocrisy of Republican Religious Freedom

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    2016 and the Quest for America’s Soul

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    If Trump Loses in November, the First Week of August will be Blamed

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    Jill Stein: The Liberal Pseudo-Scientific Demagogue

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    Trump and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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    Trump and Clinton: Where they Stand on Immigration

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    Why ‘Woman’ Isn’t Hillary Clinton’s Trump Card