Apartheid in America: White ‘Christian’ Republican Racism

Not exactly the same as South African Apartheid, but the force behind it is the same. It was the rich and white against the poor and Black there, which made it easier to keep score. It is more complicated here. Rich White America (the one-percenters) and poorly educated rural underclass America versus educated middle income America and all racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. With the racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities getting the shortest end of the stick.

Not too much different than the Jim Crow South, but with a greater diversity of victims these days. A wider group of losers, but the same narrow base of winners. The same unholy alliance of wealthy white masters and poor white trash dupes and suckers that yielded up the Confederacy. And Donald Trump is the bellowing pitchman maestro who has brought all those suckers on board the Party of Trump bandwagon.

He’s got them fired up now. Ready to grab their guns and take to the streets, and state Capitol buildings, when he sounds the alarm. And if he and his loyal Republican minions can’t manage to steal the 2020 election the way they did in 2016, he’ll be sounding. They’re prepared to destroy democracy and overthrow the government of the United States to keep themselves in power.

They know how urgent it is for them to remain in control. Demography is not going their way. Has not been going their way for quite some time. White Christian America is under attack! As was White Christian South Africa (the ten percenters) in the days when Nelson Mandela’s address was Robin Island. Their finely-tuned brutally enforced system was incapable of surviving in a changing world. They needed to circle their wagons and turn back the clock to survive. Neither is the Republican Party’s reactionary system able to survive based on popular support, so they must do away with functioning democracy and replace it with sham democracy. And sham justice. And an obedient rubber-stamp Congress.

Make no mistake America! The Republican Party is the party of Rich White “Christian” America! Not the party of Jesus Christ. They wouldn’t be caught dead leading lives like the one He led. Their spiritual leader is the Antichrist Donald Trump. The charlatan False Messiah who spends his days on the golf course and only visits a church to do photo ops. The kind of man who wouldn’t know, or care, about the Word of God if it snuck up and bit him in the ass in a sand trap. And America’s pampered rich are, for the most part, no better than he is, just slicker.

They’ll make a few kindly statements about the need for equality and economic uplift here and there. Will showcase a few tame token minorities. But try to get into their Gated Private Country Club and see if you make it without the proper pedigree and the requisite amount of cash. The funny thing is the Republicans used to be the party of abolition, and the party of moderation…but that’s history now, long-dead history. Trump has put his name on them now. As he does on everything he owns, and much of what he doesn’t own. They can’t escape the undertow of the man who GOP strategist Rick Wilson wrote “Everything Trump Touches Dies”. And neither can the white trash no-mask suckers who have swum so eagerly into his net. Trump and the Republicans and all their deluded hardcore supporters must prevail in 2020 or be swept away by the tide of demography. This is White Rich “Christian” America’s last chance, and they are already doing every illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, underhanded thing they can think of to prevail.

And how racist is the Republican Party and the rich elite who bankroll it? I have believed for years that racism was a part of the Party’s makeup, but it is only within the last few days that I have come to see that it is at the very core of the Party’s appeal. You might say that Trump’s crude hand has ripped the carefully crafted mask off the Party’s inherent and systemic racism and ethnocentrism. The Party’s hysterical ongoing campaign against Barrack Obama is never-ending. He is blamed for everything that the Party hates, is the central figure in half of its vicious conspiracy theories.

He’s their “White Christian” Satan. At present his Satanic form is Obamacare, not the Affordable Care Act, but Obamacare. They’ve raged against it ever since it was passed. Tried to undermine it ever since it was passed. Were even successful in undermining parts of it. But still, they are not satisfied! They even seek to pack their already right-wing Supreme Court to seal its doom. Can’t risk the possibility that one or two of their handpicked Rich White Christian Justices might not support their unholy cause. They trot out all their usual garbage about how bad the system is and promise vaguely that they will replace it with a new Republican system that’s better and cheaper…no details of course. No details because there is no Republican system, and there never will be.

But the “care” part of Obamacare is not what they are aiming at. It is the Obama part that has them livid. The part that bears the hated imprint of “that n-word president.” An n-word in the White House is what has them, and their trashy allies, aroused. The White Rich are much too genteel to say the n-word, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think it. And that they are not averse to letting the noisy rabble of Trump cult followers be their stormtroopers. The greatest racist Republican dog-whistle in America since the time of Richard Nixon is “Law and Order.” Dog whistles are supposed to be silent, above the range of human hearing. But the Republican Party’s racist message is clearly audible now. Hear it screeching now, America, and act, at the ballot box, and in the streets if necessary, to silence it. Now and forevermore.