How to Cash in on Real Estate According to an Expert

With the pandemic came a profound shift in perspectives regarding American life. According to a recent article in The Economist, there has been a “great unmooring” in the U.S., and “people are asking deep questions about how and where they want to live.”

With the personal and professional liberation of remote work, coupled with concerns for a healthier lifestyle, there has been an exodus from traditionally coveted urban areas, for less congested and stressful environments. Prime on the list of destinations is Florida where according to U.S. census data, between 2020 and 2021, the population increased by 211,305 —with estimates anticipating growth of 231 million by 2025. A quick mental calculation will confirm that’s an average of 845 people a day.

And following this demographic trend are prudent investors like Maximiliano Lemura, the CEO of Tropical Parcels, who suggests that now is the time to invest in Florida real estate. Lemura founded Tropical Parcels in 2019. Lemura was previously a licensed financial advisor, and it was his background in finance that made him realize the value of real estate. The company’s primary goal is to offer affordable vacant land for everyone to buy, no matter their needs.

According to Lemura, Florida has one of the nation’s most vital real estate markets, with a steadily rising volume of real estate transactions. Savvy buyers can anticipate lucrative returns when they align their investments with the financial objectives that they aim to achieve from their new home. Americans have started to relocate in greater numbers and Florida has become a magnet for newcomers relocating from “overvalued” states to where the cost of living and real estate are more flexible.

Nationwide, the cost of purchasing a home is still among the lowest in Florida where a high demand persists for both purchased and rental properties. Thus, acquiring investment property can provide a robust return.

Regardless of whether you a short-term or long-term investor, Florida reigns as one of the most prosperous real estate markets in America. Despite anticipated price increases and a lack of available housing across the U.S., Florida has investors in agreement that the real estate market will continue to thrive.

Maximiliano Lemura
Pictured: Maximiliano Lemura.

Addressing popular misconceptions about creditworthiness, Lemura allays the fears of new buyers. Addressing Florida’s booming housing and land demand, he explains that anyone can buy land inexpensively without great credit.

“Our aim is to shift consumer thinking from a mistaken belief that a real estate purchase is beyond their means, when in fact, it can be viewed as just another car bill. However, unlike a vehicle and its certain depreciation, property investments are likely to appreciate. We’ve witnessed many consumers using it as a strategy to diversify their wealth. Thus, we see a steady increase in investors taking advantage of this current boom in Florida. Concurrently, we are seeing a rise in investors cashing in on more affordable ways to build. For example, modular homes and container homes have gained in popularity with new designs and proven reliability. Ultimately, our main goal is to make purchasing land accessible for everyone.”

High rental demand

No matter the square footage of a property, renters in Florida are clamoring to sign a lease. Because of Florida’s numerous universities, growing manufacturing and agriculture sector, and expanding construction, the state is booming. Recent graduates, newly relocated professionals, and students comprise an ever-growing portion of the rental housing market.

In reality, as an investor, you might employ a strategy that involves buying a medium-sized piece of real estate. Then you have the lucrative option of dividing the property into student housing. This clever strategy maximizes returns on a single investment and saves property taxes.

Despite concerns about the instability of potential renters, thanks to its demographics, Florida enjoys a security not found elsewhere. Why? Consider that 32.5% of its population is retired or older. And according to census data, there has been “a surge in renting among boomers. In recent years, about 2.5 million seniors traded homeownership for apartments.” With established income and savings, these renters are not vulnerable to job losses and have proven to value and preserve their rental homes.

On the other hand, Florida is home to several expanding Fortune 500 businesses as well. Another source of ready and reliable renters for your newly acquired property as it generates passive income and creates wealth. “In the current market, you have a shot at becoming something by acquiring your own home.”

Low taxes

Many new residents are flocking to Florida because it has no state income tax. Imagine living where no interest is assessed on profits or wages. Simply stated, in Florida, no one, regardless of citizenship, pays income tax.

Nationwide, Florida has consistently earned high rankings for its favorable tax environment, which attracts people to the area as permanent residents. Imagine the relief after paying high-income tax in your home state to establish yourself in a state that is as sunny economically as it is climate-wise. And considering that the state constitution forbids the levying of individual income tax, you can continue to rely on this favorable economic climate.

Now that you’ve liberated your finances from the expense of income tax, imagine the possibilities for increased disposable income– improving your lifestyle or expanding your property holdings, will be among your options.

Lifestyle = life enhancement

It is hardly surprising that so many individuals have decided to relocate to Florida given that it ranks nationwide as a favorite vacation spot. With quick access to the state’s many theme parks and attractions, and the state’s mild, bright weather, Florida is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts.

Even first-time investors are catching on to the current real estate trends. According to Lemura, “Even for the newcomer, financial security and success begin with owning a property. And even though they may have been priced out of many urban markets, places like Florida provide a chance to get their foot in the door—to invest in affordable properties with the promise of big returns down the road.”

Housing investments are the future

One of the most popular methods for investing in real estate is purchasing land and building a home or commercial property on it. A system of rent escalation and certain levies can help you increase your earnings.

Florida is primed for profitable real estate investments. This region has a wonderful climate, strong house appreciation rates, a sizable student population, and more. This combination of favorable conditions greatly increases the potential return on your investment. A great advantage for many buyers is that they don’t have to be a citizen to invest in land in Florida.

“There is no magic in business—only tried-and-true methods that might defy traditional strategies but offer newcomers a way into the game. We have brought many new players to the real estate market by forgoing traditional requirements. We also dispel the myth that many people believe, that foreigners cannot own land. We try to offer in-house owner financing for all of our properties, it’s really up to the buyers to believe in themselves and commit to ownership. In Miami, our approach has helped international people from around the globe, not just Americans,” Lemura said.

For those with limited resources, students, and recent immigrants, Lemura is pioneering new opportunities by making buying property an affordable reality. Welcome to the Sunshine State!