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Humans are Fundamentally Stupid Creatures

The human primate is undoubtedly the most brilliant of any animal species but at the same time, it is also the most profoundly stupid. No other animal consciously destroys the very environment it is dependent upon for survival, except for the human. In our ignorant quest to destroy the planet, we are also causing the elimination of millions of other animal and plant species. Earth is currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. The previous extinctions, mostly attributed to climate change, killed an estimated 75% to 96% of all living things.

Without a doubt, the human animal is the most destructive element on the planet. Although our technology has evolved, human intellect has regressed. Technology and lack of forethought has allowed for global warming and the poisoning of the air, water, and soil; while the Internet hastens the dumbing down and polluting of the human mind. The population is approaching 8 billion people and continues to grow. Providing resources for all these individuals is unsustainable, and the larger the population becomes, the greater the quantity of greenhouse gases and pollutants produced. Yet, people are procreating unabatedly.

On average, the human animal is a reactive creature and not proactive. This means a future threat will not be addressed until it is likely too late. Global warming is a prime example. We have known about the threat for decades and yet each year greenhouse gases worsen as our planet continues to heat up. Recently, carbon dioxide was measured at 415 parts per million, the highest in 800,000 years and possibly over 3 million years. The years 2014 through 2018 have been the five hottest in recorded history.

An increase in temperature can cause death in many ways. Too much heat can kill a person and cause crop failure and subsequent starvation. A hotter environment results in droughts, floods, increases in fires and storms along with new and worsening diseases—all of which can be fatal. Global warming causes oceans to rise, creates ocean acidification, and exacerbates air pollution. It is predicted that a hot climate will escalate wars around the world and cause economic collapse. Breathing air with a relatively high concentration of carbon dioxide has negative cognitive effects and thus humans will become even more mentally challenged.

Greed plays a large role as the desire for power and money has consistently outweighed the essential need to work together for long-term human survival, and resources are now concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. The 26 richest individuals on planet earth have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion people, or about half the world’s population. Tribal identities have also had a negative impact—many do not want to cooperate with those who are different from themselves, and these differences can be as simple as a political party or religious beliefs.

Consider the historical conflicts between Democrats and Republicans, Protestants and Catholics, or Shia and Sunni Muslims. As our world slowly circles the drain, it is obvious that global leadership has consistently failed us and that trajectory is unlikely to change.

The tragedy is that if humans chose to work together and were willing to share resources, all people could live in heaven on earth. Unfortunately, there is little indication the human primate will alter its behavior and thus humanity is ultimately doomed. The good news is that once the human population is dramatically reduced or eliminated, planet earth will recover.