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Most reasonable people would agree that former President Donald Trump is singularly responsible for the Capitol Hill insurrection by a mob of his supporters.

To date, 579 people have been charged for their role in the Capitol insurrection. In the months since the riots, the former president has faced no legal consequences.

Trump has gained a well-deserved reputation for his uncanny ability to escape accountability for his legally dubious activities.

We might assume Trump was careful to cover his tracks, careful not to leave a paper trail, in this case, tweets, sent from his now canceled Twitter profile, connecting him directly to the riots. But exactly the opposite happened. Donald Trump’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene.

The Capitol Hill insurrection was carried out for the express purpose of blocking the certification of Joe Biden as the 47th president.

Donald Trump should be charged with sedition for the attempted violent takeover of the United States government.

The simple fact is that Trump lost the November election when voters in record numbers cast their ballots for Joe Biden. Trump knows this to be true. But he would never admit as much.

A cornerstone of the con game he puts over on his MAGA base is that he will never admit defeat, failure, error, or guilt. For anything. Ever.

It’s called flip the script. Turn defeat into victory, failure into triumph, error into brilliant solution, guilt, not only into innocence, but the noblest of intentions, always posing in a superhero cape. Anybody who suggests otherwise is engaging in fake news.

So, no, the voters didn’t vote him out of office because he was a failure as president, he was the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

Nor did he lose the election, never admit defeat! He was the winner of the election and not just the winner, but the winner in a landslide! Flip the script. Turn truth on its head.

Joe Biden defeated Trump by seven million popular votes and seventy-four electoral votes. The election was not even close.

(Tyler Merbler)

Donald Trump’s claim he was the winner is a perfect fit with the definition of hoax. “To trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous.” He has perpetrated charges of massive vote fraud with absolutely zero evidence in support of this lie.

Donald Trump spent his four years in office plastering the nation with counterfeit currency. Investigative journalists have tabulated a count of over twelve thousand lies Donald Trump has tried to sell the American people. He saved his biggest and most preposterous lie for the end. In fact, through press releases, because he can’t tweet, he perpetuates his lies and the media helps him along by publishing his meandering thoughts.

His base doesn’t listen to evidence. They believe every word Donald Trump tells them. Anybody who says otherwise is engaging in fake news.

This brings us to Donald Trump, the tyrant. Part one of the definition is a cruel and oppressive ruler, unrestrained by law, a repeat offender on both counts.

Part two of the definition of a tyrant is an infantile spoiled brat who always has to have his own way and will throw a terrible temper tantrum until people let him have what he wants. Again, a repeat offender.

Donald Trump was golfing when he received the news Joe Biden had been officially declared the winner of the 2020 election. Trump returned to the White House to a sea of Biden for President signs, celebrating Trump’s removal from the White House as much as Biden’s victory.

A number of the celebrants, at the sight of Trump, broke into a chant of “loser,” rubbing salt in still fresh wounds.

Lost in the celebration was any thought to Trump’s demonstrated penchant for vindictiveness, for brutal reprisals against anybody who insulted him, or who he perceives had done him wrong in some way.

There is still another factor to Trump’s pathology, and that is an absolute obsession to always come out on top in every encounter no matter what it takes.

All of these demonstrated behavior patterns of Donald Trump came into play in explaining the insurrection on January 6.

Trump the sociopath is another personality disorder at play here. It doesn’t matter to Trump what the people want. All that matters to Donald Trump is what he wants, and he wanted to be president for four more years.

Donald Trump has no respect for democratic elections.

The process began in May of 2020 when polls showed Biden leading by ten points. The handwriting was on the wall. Trump was headed for defeat in November. Even a sizeable percentage of Republican voters were quite disenchanted with Trump’s performance in office, with his corruption, his bullying, the list goes on, his mishandling of the pandemic that turned the entire country into a disaster area, and they wanted a change.

So, Trump countered that the polls were fake news. Anti-Trump bias. He falsely claimed that he was the choice of the majority of the American people. To this false claim, he added a second false claim. He declared that he was far ahead in the polls and that the only way Biden could beat him would be to rig the election, and if Biden should receive more votes, according to this logic, that in itself would constitute proof of massive vote fraud.

To these false claims, Trump added still another false claim, and he started a steady drumbeat leading all the way to November, and beyond, that mail-in ballots were rife for fraud and would be Biden’s method of perpetrating massive vote fraud.

Election professionals dismissed such a claim. History had shown no such tendency of mail-in ballots involving fraud.

But Trump was widely successful in poisoning the waters months in advance of the election, and, so, was prepared to counter a Biden victory with false charges of a stolen election should Biden receive the most votes.

Trump refused to concede, instead, he initiated the wicked slander that Joe Biden had stolen the election and was an illegitimate president.

A two-front assault on the Biden victory began immediately after Biden was declared the winner.

The Trump legal team filed lawsuits in all six battleground states demanding recounts, reviewing ballots for irregularities, suits to repeal state constitutions that recognized the legality of mail-in ballots, all in an effort aimed at nullifying possibly millions of Biden votes.

(Lisa Ferdinando)

Militias were organized to conduct “Stop the Steal” protests at state capitals in all six battleground states.

Trump attempted to coerce Republican electors in battleground states to award him electoral votes to which Biden was entitled to having because Biden the popular vote.

Social media sites spread misinformation that Biden stole the election from Trump. This two-front assault on the election results amounted to a gathering storm of Republican legislators and private paramilitary groups.

Trump himself inflamed these militias regularly with tweets of a stolen election. One of particular interest, on December 19, he tweeted “The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C. will take place at 11.00 A.M. on January 6th…StopTheSteal!”

Roger Stone’s activities have merited considerable attention from Justice Department investigations of the riots. Stone was a principal organizer of the “Stop the Steal” campaign, of the MAGA million-man march on December 12. Stone was in contact with the leaders of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and the Three Percenters, at least six of whom have since been charged with conspiracy in planning the violence well in advance of Jan. 6.

Stone is an intimate of Trump, which places the former president only one degree of separation between himself and the protestors he dispatched to the Capitol on January 6.

Trump is notorious for escaping accountability for his crimes.

Fraud and duress are a crime, and it is one of Trump’s favorite devices. It is how he arranges wiggle room to escape accountability when he finds himself under investigation for his under-the-table schemes that go awry.

Colloquially, fraud and duress are known as the carrot and the stick. It is the use of a threat to coerce another person to commit an act that that person otherwise would not commit. Trump is slick enough to make sure he doesn’t make an outright threat, the threat is implied, not stated, subtly getting his message across to targeted individuals or audiences but done in a way he can later deny what his true intent was. However, the recipient understands full well he is being ordered to do it or else.

An attempt to corrupt honest officials into bending or breaking the law using temptation as the carrot, holding out advancement of some sort as the allure, using bribery to affect extortion.

Like his “perfect phone call” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, an attempt to smear Joe Biden couched in language Trump was a crusader against corruption.

Like with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state. Trump didn’t make any overt threat when he pressured Raffensperger to break election laws to award Trump Georgia’s electoral votes. Trump told Raffensperger the Republican Party would regard him as a hero for manipulating votes on behalf of Trump. When Raffensperger refused the carrot, he was given the stick. Trump turned the entire Republican Party against him in an effort to force his removal as Georgia’s secretary of state.

Fast forward to January 6 when Trump dispatched the demonstrators to the Capitol with instructions to be peaceful and have a patriotic demonstration, this, after having earlier exhorted the demonstrators to “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

Trump’s speech in front of the White House led to his second impeachment, this one on charges he incited the January 6 riots.

It might be noted that both impeachment cases involved actions taken by Trump to prevent the election of Joe Biden as president.

His response to the insurrection, his inaction in stopping the pro-Trump mob, TV spots in which he praised the rioters, are strong evidence his instructions to the demonstrators to be peaceful was to give him wiggle room to squirm his way out of any personal responsibility for the attack on the Capitol.

And so, it was the case when Trump pressured former Vice President Mike Pence to overstep his authority in presiding over the certification on January 6 to order a revote in the six battleground states, no direct threat to do it or else, soft soaped him, telling him “You can either go down in history as a patriot…or you can go down in history as a pussy,” making what would amount to an unconstitutional act to overturn the democratic election into something somehow heroic.

Mike Pence announced on January 5th that he had no intention of following Trump’s marching orders. His function would be, as the Constitution intended, to serve as a mere master of ceremonies in certifying Biden’s victory.

At noon on January 6, Trump made a nearly hour-long speech to the crowd of over ten thousand protestors, inflaming them to block the certification of Joe Biden, warning them they had to fight like hell, or they weren’t going to have a country anymore. The threat was implied but not stated that should Joe Biden take office, Black, Latino, and other nonwhite Americans would reduce white Americans to the status of a minority, exploiting some of their greatest fears.

Roger Stone, in addressing a rally the previous day on January 5, inflamed the crowd with this apocalyptic scenario of a battle between the forces of darkness and light. These remarks by Trump and Stone had decidedly racist undertones.

Trump told the angry pro-Trump mob he wasn’t sure about Mike Pence, and that they were to cheer for some of their Congresspersons, but maybe not all of them, a veiled order to go after Pence, Democratic lawmakers, and renegade Republicans who Trump labeled RINOs, targeting them for attack.

This was to be Michigan II, a replay of the invasion of the Michigan State House in April of 2020 by militias to protest Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID policies.

Inside the Capitol on January 6, 147 Republican House members were unified in a concerted effort to block the certification of Joe Biden, their stated intentions of upholding the Constitutional right of every vote to be counted but their real purpose was the exact opposite, an underhanded scheme to take millions of Biden votes away from him.

At 2:45 pm Trump tweeted, “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what he should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution.” No direct order to the rioters, implied but not stated, targeting Pence to the mob now rampaging through the Capitol looking to capture and even kill lawmakers favorable to the certification. Rioters were heard chanting “Hang Mike Pence,” while outside, protestors constructed a gallows.

Mike Pence had turned down the carrot, and now he would receive the stick. Being taught a lesson in what happens when you don’t give Donald Trump what he wants. A lynch mob inside the Capitol hunting him down. It was later reported that he escaped from the violent mob by a matter of seconds.

Two hours after the rioters had taken over the Capitol and all of America was waiting for Trump to take action to drive out the rioters and restore order, Trump finally appeared on TV, not to condemn the rioters, but to praise them, and to flip the script to make the rioters great patriots out to avenge the evil Democrats stealing the election from them.

Trump’s automatic reflex throughout his one term in office is to paint his supporters as great patriots who love their country while Democrats are out to destroy the country.

No, the rioters were not the heroes, and the Democrats were not the villains.

The Democrats won in a free and fair election and here, a treasonous and seditious mob had taken over the Capitol Building to overthrow, by violence, the legitimate U.S. government.

Donald Trump tried to play the part of a mere spectator who was touched that his supporters would go out on their own to fight for him like this.

I submit that when Trump dispatched those protestors to the Capitol to “fight like hell,” he knew full well what Roger Stone and others had organized.

Apply a standard criminal procedure to Trump as the prime suspect with the most to gain, factor in Trump’s demonstrated behavior patterns and we arrive at a conclusion: Trump is criminally liable for the January 6 insurrection.

Flashback to November 7, the day he lost the election and was greeted upon his return to the White House by a sea of pro-Biden signs. And now, on January 6, a violent mob of Trump supporters carrying giant “TRUMP 2020” banners storming the Capitol Building.

On November 7, a jubilant crowd of Biden supporters celebrating victory in a legitimate democratic election.

While on January 6, a violent mob of Trump supporters smashed their way into the Capitol Building in a seditious attempt to block the certification of Biden as president to take away that victory from Biden and his 81 million voters. Trump reveling in the mayhem and chaos as the mob carries out his fantasies of brutal reprisals that had been festering in his horribly vindictive brain ever since November 7.

A horrifying example carried to its zenith of his psychotic obsession with winning by any and all means and never allowing defeat, nothing beneath him to always come out on top.

In combination with the most gigantic, spoiled brat hissy fit ever, his final act as president, to pay back all the voters who didn’t give him what he wanted and let him have his own way to be president for a second term, a goal he wanted more than anything he ever wanted his whole life.

Trump excused the violence at the Capitol when he tweeted: “Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!” A message of pure defiance, a cruel sneer on his lips, to those Democrats he sent scurrying for their lives, hiding in closets from that furious mob intent on slaughter. Trump was essentially saying that that’s what happens when you don’t let Donald Trump have what he wants.

Here we have a case of the grotesquely stunted development of Donald Trump into a monster of this Capitol riot horror movie, practically taking a page out of Vlad the Impaler to create a scene of panic and terror for his own sadistic amusement.

Donald Trump slyly led those militias along to carry out his dirty work, and in such a way, that should the coup fail, they would take the fall. Meanwhile, investigators are rounding up hundreds of Trump supporters while he enjoys his retirement years.

Mike Murphy is a seasoned political activist, former union organizer, and independent political investigator.