The Platform

Photo illustration by John Lyman

I am extremely satisfied with the reception my book, Black Heroines: Inspirational Stories to Empower.

From a young age, I harbored the ambition to craft narratives that would bolster the empowerment of women. This ambition came to fruition with the publication of Black Heroines, a milestone that not only fulfilled a lifelong dream but also cemented my commitment to championing female empowerment.

Navigating the journey to publication was far from straightforward, yet the acclaim Black Heroines has garnered—evidenced by its unanimous five-star reviews—and the recognition through the Gentlemen of Heart Awards (GOHA) have been profoundly rewarding. This accolade holds special significance as it distinguishes me for featuring the stories of over 100 women, including more than 50 women of color, a testament to the diversity and inclusivity at the heart of my work. My aspirations stretch further, aiming to amplify this number to 500, a goal that speaks to the expansive vision I have for my contribution to women’s empowerment.

The foundational support of my parents, particularly my father, Talib Hussain, has been pivotal in shaping the person I have become. His deep appreciation for Persian literature and his exceptional oratory skills have inspired me to pursue my passions with fervor and determination.

My forthcoming book ventures into the realm of financial independence and autonomy for women. It fills me with pride to demonstrate, as a man, that supporting women’s empowerment is not only necessary but imperative.

My guiding principle, “Equality and feminism are the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world,” encapsulates my life’s mission and the core message of my literary endeavors. It is a motto that reflects both a personal and a universal truth, driving home the importance of championing gender equality and feminism to enact global change.




Naeem Ul Hassan is a published book author. He holds a Master's degree in history from the University of Punjab. He has written more than a hundred articles and is working as a contributor for the Voice of Canada. His areas of interest are women's rights, the Middle East, and Global Politics.