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Turkey thanked Kurdistan for its Earthquake Response with Military Strikes

On February 9, a massive earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, causing widespread destruction, and killing upwards of 25,000 people. As the aftermath of the disaster unfolded, a surprising development emerged: Iraq’s Kurdistan region was the first to respond to the call for help, while Turkey continued its ongoing bombing campaign against Kurdish areas in Iraq.

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake, which struck eastern Turkey and northern Syria, resulted in significant damage to both countries. The death toll quickly rose into the thousands, and many more were left injured or homeless. In response to the disaster, international aid agencies and organizations immediately launched efforts to provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

However, it was Iraq’s Kurdistan region that was the first to respond to the crisis. Despite its ongoing struggles with the central government in Baghdad, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) swiftly dispatched teams of rescue workers, medical personnel, and aid supplies to the affected areas in Turkey and Syria. The KRG’s rapid response has been widely praised by the international community, with many noting the stark contrast between their efforts and Turkey’s continued bombing of Kurdish areas in Iraq.

The ongoing conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish population in Iraq has been a source of concern for many in the international community. Turkey has been accused of using disproportionate force in its military operations against the Kurds, who have been fighting for greater autonomy and recognition of their rights for decades. Despite international criticism, Turkey has continued its bombing campaign, causing widespread destruction and displacement in the affected areas.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the actions of the KRG and Turkey stand in stark contrast to each other. While the KRG demonstrated a humanitarian response to the crisis, Turkey’s ongoing bombing campaign highlights the ongoing conflict and suffering in the region. The KRG’s quick response to the earthquake serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity and cooperation in times of crisis, and the need for an end to violence and conflict in the region.

The earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria is an immense tragedy that brought people together in a time of need. The response from Iraq’s Kurdistan region shows their commitment to helping their neighbors in times of need. On the other hand, Turkey’s continued bombing of Kurdish areas highlights the ongoing conflict and suffering in the region and the need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.