Gage Skidmore



Who are Trump Supporters?

Who are Trump supporters? Are they white blood sucking vampires hidden in rural areas with no college degrees? Are they the remnants of racist America? No. No. Trump supporters are whites, blacks, Latinos, Cubans, Mexicans, most importantly they are Americans and they hated Trump. Yes, they hated Trump.

Trump supporters approached you multiple times and you didn’t listen. They were working men and women who told you they had to pay high premiums for an insurance they couldn’t use. And you, yes you who had Medicaid or happened to have a good insurance, didn’t listen. You quickly labeled them racist and cited biased media articles supporting your single minded view.

Trump supporters were Cubans. Yes, they were Cubans. They told you about how much the oppressive Castro regime had hurt them and how angry they were about Obama’s pro-Castros’ policies. Yet once again, you didn’t listen. You quickly labeled them racist, stupid and imbeciles and once again you praised Obama, citing biased media articles.

Trump supporters were women. Yes! They were women. Smart, talented and beautiful hard working women who wanted the government out of their lives. Women who found insulted that Hillary was running for president. Women who believe she was the worst representation of a woman there could be. They told you but you didn’t listen. You label them masochist and made them a part of your delusional rape culture.

Trump supporters were immigrants. Yes, and from all nations, not just European immigrants. They were hard working men and women who wanted lower taxes and more money to feed their families.

Trump supporters told you they didn’t have enough money, they told you taxes were killing them. They told you they wanted an Audi. What did you do again? You cited fake job statistics and called them racists, homophobes, against progress, etc. Yet once again, you didn’t listen.

Trump supporters were the rich. Yes, the rich, the 1%. People whose businesses have closed due to failed taxation and regulation. People who had to leave America and take their jobs with them. They told you but you didn’t listen. You, label them greedy, racist and evil.

Trump supporters were law enforcement. Yes, they were law enforcement. They were people dressed in blue who sadly were victims of unfair treatment because maybe a few of them weren’t good. They told you that they weren’t racist. Yet once again, you didn’t listen and you labeled them racists.

Trump supporters were the military. Yes, the military which highly criticized Barrack Obama and every Democrat before him. The military which Obama did not listen to. They told you. They wanted you to change his mind. But yet, once again, you didn’t listen. You praised your president, cited biased articles, called them whiners and praised Obama’s terrible international policies.

Trump supporters were blacks. Yes, they were blacks. Blacks who saw no change under president Barrack Obama and who were disappointed with the Democratic Party. Blacks who were once slaved by this party and insulted by a Lyndon B. Johnson quote, “I will make those niggers vote for me in the next 200 years.”

Trump supporters were people like you. They wanted to be helped but yet they weren’t within the beneficial socialist budget. They didn’t qualify for Medicaid, free college nor food stamps. Yet they qualified for higher taxes. They told you. What did you say? You are greedy, you are racist.

Trump supporters were Americans who hated Trump. Yes, they hated Trump. Trump was elected with a minority and many including the RNC cried. They just happened to hate a socialist/communist and a socialist women oceans more. They told you and you didn’t listen.

Trump supporters wanted change. To have the country that was and is, the greatest nation on Earth back! But yet, once again, you didn’t listen. You wanted the fake progress that took every leftist country into the ground and a well of misery.

Trump supporters were silent. They were quiet. Why? Because you didn’t listen. You were too offended, too submerged into your safe spaces. Too quick to react and attack. Too quick to call them monsters.

Trump supporters are Americans. Trump supporters hate Trump. But they have spoken before and have clearly spoken. Maybe next time, you will listen!