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Who’s your Favorite Commie? Kim or the Folks in Cuba who Like American Baseball?

The last time I looked at the sports pages, there were no reports of Cuban missiles being aimed at the United States. Checking out the chatter between the little fat man who is the North Korean communist dictator and his now cozy greeting card dispenser Donald Trump, the details are more than slightly different.

What is most glaringly different, however, is that nobody on the conservative Republican side seems at all concerned or has a word to say. Remembering what we used to call the old Democrat days and what might have happened if Clinton or Obama had cozied up to Russia or North Korea, it did not take much to ask simply “What the hell is going on here and why are the Republicans going along with our auditioning president?”

Could it be the Republican alleged conservatives now like the commies in North Korea and the Russian leader whose customers shoot at our troops who don’t belong in those foreign places in the first place? Mostly, why is no one from either Congress or the media even asking these questions?

Far from North Korea and Russia, why in the hell is the president of the United States of America screwing up the livelihoods of talented baseball players from Cuba who might just help get that country closer to America while making the American game much more interesting?

We know that Trump does not have the first athletic bone in his body that does not require a caddy to move it along. That’s ok. We also know that, as president, he was not up to throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season.

What neither we nor his new buddies in Russia and North Korea can figure out is why the guy who likes dollars more than almost anything in the world would put his powerful paws behind something that would mess up the national pastime of his own country.

We can surmise stuff though, can’t we?

Just some kids in Havana playing baseball. (Eric Parker/Flickr)

As I have wondered numerous times in the past, why did the president of these United States of America turn to the boss of Russia when asked if Vladimir’s boys and girls had messed around with our election operations instead of looking to our FBI and other intel operations. The answer to that goes all the way back to when Trump was merely a “candidate” for the White House and, even then, he accused our outstanding intelligence folks of using “nazification” techniques while probing his people’s canoodling with Russian diplomats who just might have some dirt on the boss’s opponent. Do remember that, when the subject came up months ago, he did not ask our own government what was going on, Trump asked his buddy Vladimir if what our boys and girls said was happening was really happening…and Vlad humphed and laughed it was not his boys and girls…and Trump turned to his “enemies of the people” in the media and said, “See, I told you!”

Now we have come full circle, or at least most of the circle. While Trump is dumping on one of the Democratic candidates for the White House while touring Japan and has had his less than professional press person lady touring the media declaring our FBI has been corrupt forever! Imagine: the very agency that made it possible for this lady to sit with the president of the United States and be his mouthpiece should never have cleared her for her six-figure salary to see all that stuff and be a presidential companion.

What is logical at this illogical moment should be your asking me: “Joe how can you be saying all this is going on in the country the man with the MAGA baseball cap says he is the leading and a brilliant genius (his word)?” The answer sadly, truthfully and perhaps dangerously is that what I have told you is the truth and can be double checked…and which neither you nor I can figure out why no one is being taken on by Republicans who seem to have capitulated to Trump, nor the media who want his yellow dyed scalp nor what are fondly and confusingly called his “base” who would have lynched a Democrat for doing all the same stuff.

We just memorialized those who gave their all for this country in all sorts of terrible times while our leader was doing fun things in Japan. Suppose the people he has managed to slander at rallies and anywhere else he can do such things had actually done such things?

I know the answers. Do you? And do you really care?

I can tell you the talented baseball players in Cuba who do not give a damn about politics and the fans of the American pastime for tons of years still want to see those homers sailing out of stadiums and might even worry whether the communists of North Korea are still launching missiles that do not worry Trump might have fooled him beyond the funny pages…and it isn’t funny anymore.

No doubt the little fat man in North Korea and Vladimir Putin find the issues entertaining.