Binoy Kampmark

Dr. Binoy Kampmark teaches core legal courses within the Legal and Dispute Studies program for the Bachelor of Social Science at RMIT University. He has research interests in the institution of war, diplomacy, international relations, 20th Century History and law. He has written extensively on these topics in both refereed journals and more popular media.

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali: The UN, the U.S. and the Seizure of Power

  • False Friends and Misaligned Interests: The Syrian Conflict Deepens

  • The Bosnian Problem: Milorad Dodik and Republika Srpska

  • Nuclear Perceptions: North Korea and the Arts of Guerrilla Partisanship

  • Riyadh’s Sectarian Move: Executing Sheik Nimr al-Nimr

  • Bloody Entanglements: Saudi Arabia, Britain and Yemen

  • COP21: The Ambitions and Flaws of the Paris Agreement

  • Trump, Islam and the Rationale of Exclusion

  • Straining the Republic: France’s State of Emergency

  • The Perils of Certainty: Obama and the Assad Regime

  • Paris, the Terrorists’ Magnet

  • Collusion and Control: Europe Pays Africa to Keep Refugees

  • Two Track Grouch: Helmut Schmidt’s Legacy

  • Hacking the CIA Director: What John Brennan’s Emails Reveal

  • Using Refugees: Merkel’s Turkish Gambit

  • The Politics of the Angry Man: Stephen Harper’s Canada

  • What We Always Knew: The TPP and Intellectual Property

  • Stripping Canadian Citizenship

  • Schools of Violence: The American University and the Gun

  • The Problems with an MH17 Tribunal

  • The Wedge of Policy: The Iran Nuclear Deal and its Consequences

  • Sealed In: Hungary, Immigration and Asylum

  • France and the NSA: The Tolerable Deception

  • An Erratic and Dangerous State: Saudi Arabia, Propaganda and Control

  • Israel in Action: Spoiling the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

  • Erasing the Past: ISIS, Palmyra and Doomed History

  • U.S. Bombers to Australia: Washington’s Deployments in the Pacific

  • Lies, Lies, and The Death of Bin Laden

  • Violence in Kumanovo: Macedonia and the Virtues of Corruption

  • The Sturgeon Factor: The Scottish National Party and the British Elections

  • WikiLeaks, Sony, and the Transparency Dilemma

  • Off the Terrorist List: Cuba, Obama and the U.S. State Department

  • Doing the Nuclear Dance: The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

  • Smiting the Brats: Jeremy Clarkson, ‘Top Gear’ and the BBC

  • When Free Speech Got Foolish: France’s Dieudonné Verdict

  • Turning Fear Into Gold: Fear and Loathing in Israel

  • Cotton’s Iran Letter: The GOP, Iran, and Diplomatic Sabotage

  • Spreading the Web: The Extent of HSBC’s Tax Evasion Scandal

  • Fantasies of the Fleet: The Emotion of Submarines

  • The Language of the Siege: Abbott’s Response to Sydney’s Hostage Crisis