Johnwick Nathan – the Secrets to Success as Told by a Rising Entrepreneur

The American Dream is a concept that has shifted since its inception in the 19th century. It means that anyone can find success in America, no matter who they are or where they come from. It’s becoming harder and harder to achieve this kind of success in America, and many have forgotten the American Dream entirely. Many believe that there are certain traits that a person needs to have to be successful, so-called, the keys to success.

The keys to success are another ever-changing concept. There are commonalities in what many people consider to be the keys to success, like teamwork, intelligence, and hard work, but no one can exactly define the traits that make a person successful.

Johnwick Nathan, a rising entrepreneur, believes that love could be the key to success. “Love is so important because you never hurt what you love. You care about what you love, and you still want what you love,” said Nathan in a recent interview. By love, he doesn’t mean romance. He means carrying a loving and happy attitude throughout all of your business ventures; seeing the good in things and recognizing value right away. He also believes that the keys to success can be learned.

It’s easy to gloss over such a simple tenet, but looking at Nathan’s history can show us that this simple idea, as well as other ideas that he has taken to heart throughout his business experience, can be vital to those seeking the same level of success.

Johnwick Nathan was born in Haiti and emigrated to Hudson, New York with his mother when he was three years old, seeking asylum in the 1990s. They arrived like many immigrants do – seeking out greater opportunities and a better life. Nathan spent his early years in Hudson and held an early job working for Operation Unite NY – a volunteer organization. Through Operation Unite NY, he discovered the arts, playing in a drumline and doing hip hop and African dance. Nathan has carried this appreciation for music and the arts throughout his life, letting it fuel his education and his career.

When he was fifteen, he moved from New York to Connecticut to live with his sister in a tiny studio apartment. “Our shower was so small that if you bent over your rear end would pop out of the shower and hit the wall. For us, that was just life. That’s just what we had to deal with,” Johnwick said, recalling the experience. It wasn’t all bad, though. His sister involved him heavily with the church as a teen, and there he reignited his passion for music. He played the piano and the guitar in church, and soon decided it was his destiny to become a musician.

After graduating high school, he went to a Bible college where he studied theology and then moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue an education in music. It was here that a major shift occurred in his life. He worked at a group home for those recovering from drug addiction and found the experience of helping other people in hard spots incredibly fulfilling. “To be able to see a person change; that’s like watching a child be raised. When you have a child and he or she grows up and you’re like ‘man, I really did a great job,’” said Nathan.

Inspired by his newfound appreciation for helping people, Nathan struck out to create his own business. Following the advice of business gurus like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, he started Harbor Health Inc., a company that runs group homes and other places of assistance for those with drug addictions or other mental health issues. It was with Harbor Health that Nathan found a great new way to reach struggling people. A large percentage of the clients are Native Americans from reservations in Arizona, a fact he’s distinctly proud of.

His business ventures have grown unusually quickly, not just Harbor Health, but his real estate ventures as well. According to Nathan, it’s about maintaining a positive mindset. He is a “huge believer in the law of attraction, and that what you believe you will become, and what you expect, so shall it be based on your mindset.” He believes that there are multiple key traits a person needs to have to be successful, but number one on the list is love.

The idea of taking a loving approach to all your dealings is that if you truly care for your business and the people involved in it, you’ll take the best care to ensure it succeeds. “Would you hurt something or someone that you love? I would imagine the answer would be no. With a loving approach, you can see the good in things. You establish value right from the beginning.”

Love and empathy seem to be a value that many people in business lack these days, and according to Nathan’s words, having positive intentions will not only ensure the success of your own business but the success of those involved in your business.

Johnwick Nathan continues to expand his Harbor Health business and is currently planning to add a primary care practice as well as other practices to his suite of mental and healthcare facilities.