We Should Keep Talking about Aleppo

Earlier last week, the supposedly final messages posted by civilians trapped in the war-torn city of Aleppo on many social media sites have infuriated a wide-range of onlookers. Frustrated with the world’s silence concerning their nearly six years of suffering, videos of their teary-eyed goodbyes are the last hope that remain before the endless attacks from the Syrian regime and others strip their lives from their hands. For the last time, they besought the world attention to listen to their despair and to save them from this hell-like region.

All of sudden, the international community shed tears watching the desperate men, women, and children of Aleppo sending their final goodbyes. Those videos lit massive sympathy from people around the world. The disturbing fact that thousands of innocent civilians who are trapped in Aleppo are being sent barrel bombs and bullets by Syrian military forces and their allies expose the cruelty of the Syrian war before our eyes. Many people found themselves aggravated by such ferocity which deprived millions of lives, and the realization of what they have ignored previously.

Concerned individuals in many parts of the word scream out calling that what is happening in Aleppo is just plain genocide. Pointing their fingers, activists claim that those who ordered the bombardment and massacres of these helpless civilians have violated international law and committed war crimes.

Along with that, the petitions to spare the lives of more than 50,000 civilians who still endure the devastation in the rubble of destroyed buildings in this rebel-held territory are broadcasted by people all over the world. The international support may or may not have had a significant impact on pressuring the Syrian government to take action. However, soon after the final goodbye videos from the people of Aleppo are widely shared and became a global sensation a ceasefire agreement has finally been issued by the parties involved.

The first agreement, mainly brokered by Russia and Turkey, fell through only hours after being established. Although the reason surrounding the collapsed-truce is still in dispute, the consequences are more than clear. Sometime after, barrel bombs and air strikes returned to fly around the sky of Aleppo, extinguishing the remaining candles of hopes lit by the city’s survivors. Again, the possibility of evacuation became close to zero. The cries of thousands of civilians have grown more desperate.

On Wednesday, a joint statement was released, reaffirming the commitments of the Syria regimes and allies along with the opposition to keep their word and put a stop to the ceasefire violations. Many entities are urging the promised evacuation of the civilians to begin as soon as possible.

Several buses, supposedly dedicated to transporting the injured, sick, and weak civilians to the closest safe area were sent by the Syrian government on Thursday morning. Even though the Syrian state media stated that 8,000 civilians had been evacuated, some journalists reported that either militias blockading the roads or the government itself stopped the convoy, hindering the evacuation process.

All sides are exchanging blame in the matter. The safe corridors promised by the regime remain deadly for many, sowing seeds of horror and fear. Evacuating tens of thousands of people needs carefully planned resources and timely arranged phases. For several months the city has lacked food and suffered fuel shortages. More so, the heavily injured civilians are suffering from the scarcity of medical aid and facilities.

Despite that, let’s hope for the impossible. Let’s pray for the safety of all the victims. Do not choose to ignore their never-ending prayers. Therefore, those who can write should keep writing about Aleppo. Those who are unable, are urged to keep sharing the news and updates concerning Aleppo in every social media outlet to keep this as an international issue. Keep doing whatever we are doing to help them in any way you can.

It is not the time to withdraw our support nor give up our efforts. All of us should take part in making sure that the evacuation process continues until every innocent civilian has been removed from the city, the injured citizens are treated, and all the women and children are given shelter and protection.

That is why we need to keep talking about Aleppo. Our voices are the only amplifiers left. Let us use them!