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The Crumbling of the EU

Brussels no longer talks for Europe. Great Britain is leaving and 5 other states have seated Euroskeptic governments. The European experiment is faltering. In short, the citizens of Europe who don’t live in large metropolitan centers have a major issue with the EU, especially the immigration policy. Outside of Berlin, Paris and Brussels, there isn’t support for much of what the EU does. It’s a large extension of what many called the Democratic deficit of the EU,

There are two reasons behind this. First, the European Union is a conglomeration of STATES. States require sovereignty, which mean borders. A state without them is simply an area. While the Schengen Treaty allows passage between states it also acknowledges their existence. If you want to go to Germany, Poland or Lithuania, that’s fine. Eventually, you need to, at least, be European. This isn’t happening.

The liberals of this world need to heed America’s lesson of the Middle East: there is a difference between self-determination and liberal democracy. Many of these nations don’t embrace widespread rights for the LGBT, non-Christians, or immigrants. Most Poles favor helping other Poles. Most Italians favor helping other Italians, etc. The mainstream media is reporting that globalists claim that the media are now responsible for the anti-immigrant xenophobia. Why? Because they have no other explanation for people who simply want to live with their countrymen.

Much like the United States, people chastising foreign policy need to understand that U.S. foreign policy or EU foreign policy have a large objective. Interests outweigh the shared principles of the rest of the world. This is never clearer than tracing policies of the EU, which has high tariffs to protect specific sectors of their economy. The EU was never about free trade. It was about maximizing it. If you don’t believe me, ask a French dairy farmer.

The EU will continue to crumble as the bureaucrats in Brussels continue to counter the capitals of their member states. This period of western civilization will have an epic reassertion of the rights and interests of the Westphalian states of Europe. The European Experiment might be a thriving success in Berlin, but people don’t see it in the suburbs of Krakow. In this regard, Brussels no longer talks for Europe.