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The Era of Accountability

As a nation, we continue to struggle to get the pandemic under control. As states across the country have started implementing stricter COVID-19 protocols to enter indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, and concerts, including mandating some employees to show proof of vaccination, we are seeing children returning to in-person classrooms with requirements in some states that they wear face masks while indoors. This has led to infighting as some feel their rights and freedoms have been taken away from them.

The facts are that until every person gets the jab, COVID-19 will continue to rob our loved ones and community members of their lives. COVID-19 doesn’t care if you are a Trump or Biden voter or an Independent. The COVID-19 virus is a deadly disease that continues to infect people at high rates across the world.

Currently, close to 40 million confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in the United States and 656,482 deaths. And these numbers continue to rise. The actual number of infections and deaths is probably far higher. Globally, there are almost 217 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and 4.5 million deaths. With school systems opening in-person learning there is a likely chance of more families and communities becoming sick. Rates of infections are likely to surge amongst the unvaccinated and those with weakened immune systems. However, especially as we attempt to protect children and the elderly, I am more and more convinced that the decision not to be vaccinated, social distancing, and wearing masks will have a significant impact on our children and communities.

Unvaccinated adults are bringing COVID-19 home to their children, who now have the opportunity in their classrooms to pass the disease unfettered onto their friends and teachers. In Reno, Nevada, around 80 students were likely exposed to COVID after a parent sent their child to school after a positive COVID test. So, how do we keep our communities safe from well, each other? Young children do not statistically learn well online, and most parents do not have the availability and time to work full-time and take care of their children especially during a pandemic. It is necessary that schools be able to find a way to function for the benefit of our economy and our children’s futures. However, we must ensure that everyone is unified in their efforts to protect each other in this environment.

I understand the struggle we are facing as politicians continue playing with the social-cultural narrative and making this global issue into a political fight. The media either shows too little information about the pandemic or too much that people become numb to all the deaths, cases, and rhetoric. There must be a way to help people get on the same page regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or political beliefs. The world needs everyday average human beings to work together to end this pandemic. I genuinely believe that if our salad bowl society works together to fight this virus then we all will all come out victorious.

The United States along with many other countries already have the scars, bruises, and bodies and we are still fighting for a better future. This movement against COVID-19 is a revolution that can only be won with sharp minds, good hearts, and willing souls. In my opinion, we must humble ourselves before nature humbles the entire human race. It is more necessary now more than ever that each of us does our part to protect ourselves, our communities, and our children in the fight to end this pandemic. No one wants to live in a world that is full of chaos, let’s work together.