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Weapons sent by the West to repel Russia have appeared for sale on the dark web and even in the hands of terrorists, sparking concerns from a number of NATO countries and now Britain, my own investigation can reveal.

Recently, photographs of the sale of U.S.-made javelin missiles – which the British army also has a stockpile of – are circulating on social media causing concerns about corruption in Ukraine and whether military aid sent there is getting to the Ukrainian forces.

One photo shows the missiles on sale for only $30,000 each, considerably less than the $178,000 dollar price tag from Lockheed Martin, its manufacturer in the U.S.

The screenshot is particularly worrying for the MOD given that the UK just this week sent a number of STARSTREAK anti-tank/aircraft weapons to the Ukrainian government, as part of a massive new shipment announced on July 20th.

Many of the weapons, it is claimed, being sent to Ukraine will eventually wind up in criminal hands in Europe and beyond, Interpol’s chief warned recently urging the U.S. and UK, and others to start scrutinizing arms-tracking databases.

“The high availability of weapons during the current conflict will result in the proliferation [of] illicit arms in the post-conflict phase,” Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock said.

Stock is concerned largely about perhaps the Russian mafia and terrorist organizations in the Middle East acquiring the weapons in huge quantities after the conflict stops in Ukraine.

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Martin Jay is an award winning British journalist previously based in Beirut, Lebanon whose career spanning 30 years has included working for CNN, Euronews, The Sunday Times, BBC, DW, Al Jazeera and Reuters. In 2016 he won the gold medal Elizabeth Neuffer Foundation press award given by the UN (UNCA) in New York.