Gage Skidmore



Trump Rally vs. Dem Debates: What You Are Not Seeing!

“Did you watch the Trump rally last night?” “Did you watch the Democratic debate last night?”

Did anyone take the time to watch either? Chances are, the answer is no. That is too bad because you gain so much more when you watch a political presentation in its entirety, rather than 30-second sound bites. When you watch something directly, you get everything unfiltered, not sanitized, or “commentated over” by some politico.

At this point, where are we at? Many people’s minds are already made up, but many do not see what the opposition is up to when they do not watch the other side.

On the Democratic side, there are a number of candidates trying to gain recognition and votes from both the audience watching at home and the subsequent analysis which follows every debate. Many times, things get left out unintentionally, or on purpose, so you cannot rely on the post-debate or post-rally analysis.

On the whole, Democrats do not seem to be interested in watching any of Donald Trump’s rallies because they do not like Trump. Others have already made up their mind that they are going to vote for him in 2020 and they would rather watch something else. Because most channels do not broadcast Trump’s rallies, you need to tune into Fox News or OAN. Fox News does broadcast some of Trump’s rallies, but OAN broadcasts more of his rallies. Why is this so important? The actual rally reveals certain details you just don’t get in any abbreviated news summary.

Trump’s rallies reveal the most when it comes to what Trump is up to. You cannot get much detail from “the mainstream media” because some channels just do not cover him as much as they should. Certain stories or positive accomplishments never get reviewed and people’s summary of him becomes incomplete.

Is 2020 already decided? What about 2024?

With the Democrats trying to get a viable candidate to go up against Trump, much of the analysis and focus is on 2020, but maybe 2020 is already lost? Trump is the winner, it is only a matter of “by how much?”

Is there a chance the Democrats will win? With all the chaos and infighting seen in the latest debate, it might be more important for them to start figuring out what they are going to do for 2024?

Some are already resigned to this loss even though they would never admit it publicly.

What no one is noticing is Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s son.

I happened to watch the rally early on OAN and Donald Trump, Jr. was warming up the crowd. Well, it was more than “warming up.” He was doing a pretty good job in focusing their attention on the economy, Trump’s accomplishments, and the issues they need to rally behind in order to win in November.

To be brutally honest, he did a good job. No, compared to most of the Democratic candidates running in 2020, he did a great job. He was articulate, animated, funny, very well-informed, and above all, personable. Many people are tired of “political correctness” and want more “political accuracy.”

A new dynasty in the making?

What I picked up from this observation is something I have not heard anyone else point out. Do you think Donald Trump, Jr., is being groomed to be a candidate for president in the future? Think about it, as it makes a lot of sense.

What will be the progression after Trump in 2024? Some fear he will try to change the law so that he can run for a third term. I think that is ludicrous.

Chances are that Mike Pence will run for president in 2024. By that time, he will have deserved it and will have more than adequate background to easily step in, be nominated, and continue Trump’s policies. The Trump base will support him.

Who will be his running mate? What better running mate to select than another Trump with well-established name recognition. Talk about “solidifying the base.” Is that too much to contemplate at this time?

With another four years of grooming, Trump, Jr. will be no political lightweight or outside gadfly. In fact, he will be better positioned than most to take on the 2024 VP slot and be a prime candidate to run in either 2028, or definitely in 2032, if Pence decides to run for a second term.

A Pence/Trump, Jr. ticket in 2024? At this point, that sounds very logical and a very safe bet. Sound too farfetched? Only time will tell.