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The United States of America and the United Nations of the World

After the Second World War, America and her allies were weary. World leaders knew that such a devastating war never should happen again, so they created the United Nations. They thought nations could unite together to keep the world free of warmongers and genocide. The ideals of freedom, justice and harmony that inspired the United States guided the architects of the United Nations.

We created the United Nations to work for us throughout the world, so we would not have to exhaust ourselves doing so. Yet America’s relationship with the UN in recent decades has been poor. Supporting the UN has not been a policy priority. The U.S. has opted out of major international agreements and owes the UN over $2 billion in outstanding dues. We must now empower the United Nations to fulfill its intended role.

If we support the UN, the world will be safer. Today, United Nations programs conduct a plethora of projects like development assistance, food aid, disaster relief and refugee services. These projects improve standards of living for millions of people. These projects help prevent turmoil in vulnerable places. Without U.S. or UN assistance, vulnerable states risk becoming conflict zones that endanger our security. In areas experiencing conflict, UN peacekeepers work to return stability. The UN’s refugee program works to resettle people in danger. The more support America gives to the UN to perform these operations, the more secure we will be.

If we support the UN, America’s reputation will improve. We have attracted negative attention from longtime friends and would-be allies for not signing treaties and not paying our dues. Countries have accused us of ignoring important international issues, like women’s rights, children’s rights, and the environment. By providing support both financially and otherwise for UN programs, we can show American leadership.

UN Secretary General António Guterres. (Manuel Elias)

If we support the UN, we will leverage our limited resources. America cannot fight the world’s wars and solve all of its problems alone. The UN can perform many roles that America cannot or chooses not to play. It brings together the resources of many states to address the world’s challenges.

Some argue that engaging with the UN is not in America’s interest. They claim that the UN shackles America’s power. They are wrong. America is stronger with the United Nations. President Franklin Roosevelt took the lead in creating the UN, and America has always been its most important member. America has the most power of any UN member, with a Security Council veto and UN headquarters located in New York.

It is time we supported the UN to the best of our ability. America should pay its dues and participate in UN activities so that America and the world will be more secure. Our international image will improve. Our limited resources will have greater impact. The union of the UN and the U.S. will build a better future.